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2014: New Year, new me, new chance.

So it is the time of the year again where everyone recaps 2013 and makes new years resolutions (or not) and as I am pro-resolutions even tho I am anti-sticking-to-them I want to do that too.

One thing I realised in 2013 was, that I didn’t like it too much how I restricted myself with this blog to stay within one topic. “Everyone” (as in “I read a lot about it”) is telling me, that you are supposed to stick to a topic or theme when you write a blog. I understand why, but I figured that this is not for me.

I often wanted to write about a lot of things but couldn’t because they were not book related. So, as this blog started as a new years resolution and had not a real theme at first I will go back to the roots so to speak.

So be prepared to read here about other things that happen in my life in the future.

Now that I’ve warned you, I can go ahead and start with “these other things” which will be my new years resolutions today. They are far from well thought about but I hope, that they will get better as I go. I started thinking about them about 2 days ago, that might be a reason. What I have are a few general topics under which I want to try to get stuff done..or right. And as I am one of these people who need to tell it other people to stick (a little bit better) to them, I will do so. Man, I just realise how rusty I am in blogging already, need to practice more often again. Without further ado, here are the main topics:

  1. FOOD
  3. DIY
  5. SPACE
  6. FUN

These are not sorted by priority just by the order they came to my mind. So what do I mean with these things. Let’s take a closer look.

1. FOOD: I want to eat healthier this year. Not totally strict as I wouldn’t be able to stick to it forever anyway but I want to start building habits. “Totally strict” would also interfere with 6. General things might be: eat vegan more often, fish less (I am pescetarian). Less sweets (I want to stay sane so I will still eat a little bit of sweets!), less fatty things and more veggies and things that are good for me. I also want to cook more often as I haven’t really done that in the last year which I am missing. Oh, I almost forgot: drink at least 2 litres of water a day (got a handy dandy app on my phone for that and it did work out quite well in december already).

2. FITNESS: I have done close to no activity in 2013 and that’s not good at all. Also I am working full time again for a year now and I am sitting in front of a computer more than ever (even tho I was an expert in that before that already). Having probleps with my sciatic nerve in the second half of 2013 made me also realise that I am not getting younger. So I will try do more exercise this year. Even if it is only for 5 or 10 minutes. I am thinking about trying the Blogilates Workout Calendar and maybe getting a FitBit-thing.

3. DIY: I had so many Ideas, bought so many magazines and watched so many DIY videos on youtube last year but did hardly anything myself which made me mad about myself. So I want to make something as often as possible this year. And not only make, but finish! Also I really want to start an Etsy shop this year (as I am talking about that for ages already – and annoying all of my friends with it).

4. EDUCATION: This is rather simple to explain. I have to be done with my study by April 2015 and I still need a hand full of classes and all of my final paper. I want to be done with all that by the end of the year.

5. SPACE: No I don’t want to travel to the moon. With SPACE I mean the space around me. The apartment I live in (which is mostly my bf’s at the moment even tho I still have my own) and the stuff I surround myself with. I would like to move to a bigger place with my bf this year and also want to get rid of stuff (best case would be BEFORE moving) and organise the stuff I have better. Also, as I was reminded of the film Plastic Planet a while ago I also want to try to get rid of at least some of the plastic in my surrounding.

6. FUN: Doing all that I still want to have fun. It is of no use if I am miserable all the time. I want to make my life better and not worse! So I won’t punish myself if I don’t act according to the points above (this will be a hard challenge) and not give up immediately when that happens (“Now that I didn’t do any exercises for the last two days there is no need of continuing anymore”). Another thing I want to do this year is to watch all Episodes of Classic Doctor Who (I am in the middle of season 2 right now). And last but not least I don’t want to neglect this blog any longer even tho I have a lot on my plate and I won’t be able to promise anything.

Ok, I think the wall of text is long enough now. Respekt to everyone who read until here!

Do you do new years resolutions? If yes, which are yours for 2014? Do you stick to them normally?

Happy New Year everyone!


The First NAF-Excursion

strawberry-chocolate-wafflesToday was a really nice day. I met with my friends from NAF and we had a really fun afternoon/evening. Oh, I forgot. You might wonder what NAF is. So I better go back a bit and explain what it is and how it all started.

So, it all started back in October last year. I was at a birthdayparty and met a lot of nice people there. Some of them I added on Facebook. Every once in a while we exchanged messages, commented statuses, etc. One funny thing about that was, no matter what status one of four of us wrote, in the end the comments were allways food and eating related and a huge amount of them. Once for example we wrote 80 comments just about joghurt. Haha, I know, we are crazy. But that’s what made it so funny.

So one day we had one of these food discussions on facebook again – this time about tiramisu – and someone said something like “oh, wouldn’t it be nice, to sample all the different kinds of tiramisu we all mentioned?”. And all of us were “Yes, why not?”. So I invited the three of them over to my place to make/bring tiramisu. During the planning we had the idea to give the evening a theme and because of the tiramisu we decided for “Italy”. So me and the only guy both made a different version of tiramisu and the other two girls brought pasta salad. I tried to decorate my room a bit italian style and everyone tried to dress italian. The evening was a lot of fun and during eating we had the idea to set up a group for that, or give it a name. So we created a facebook group named NAF. NAF stands for “nicht anonyme Fresssüchtige” what means in english something like “not anonymous food addicts”. Not anonymous because obviously you can’t do anything anonymously on facebook :D. So this was the birth of NAF and the first meeting. Since then we had a few already with different themes and we always had a blast and a ton of ideas for new meetings.

One of the ideas was “Summer-Christmas”. We plan it for end of August and it should be a lot of fun. So today we met to go to the Donauinsel (an island on the danube) where we plan to do the Summer-Christmas and look for a good spot to do. We were successfull!

After that we decided to go for our first NAF-Excursion that was a trip to the city hall because in front of it there is a huge place where at the moment are a lot of food stands who offer loads of different kinds of meals from a lot of different countries. This was perfect for NAF! So we went there and tried some of the delicious stuff they offered. Sadly the portions are small and expensive but it was still worth it.

After that we ended the evening by going to a Beach bar at the danube – which we shared with about 15 other people because it’s pretty cool today – and drank a cocktail.

Looking forward to the next meeting and Summer-Christmas!

picture taken by Gloria at the NAF-Excursion