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The new Season of Project Runway

Cat watching TVFriday night started the first Episode of the 8th Season of Project Runway. I was so excited when I saw that it is back again. It is so interesting to watch and gives me so many ideas for myself and I think I even learned a little of it for my own sewing projects.

Basically it stayed as it was. Heidi Klum is again hosting the show, Tim Gun is on her side and Nina Garcia is back in the jury too. 17 new Designers are competing against each other for the first price to be able to launch their own fashion line. The first one of them is already out too. It was a cute girl with dreadlocks whos name I forgot. I don’t totally understand the jury’s decision because her dress was cute and compaired to the dress this other guy named Casanova made, it was much better. At least her model wasnt half naked on the runway. But yeah, it’s the judges who decide who wins and who loses. I’m still curious how the other designers will develop and what new challenges they will have.

This weeks challenge was, that everyone had to pick one piece of clothing out of their suitcases to incorporate it into a new outfit and then, after they chose – they had to pass it to the person who stood right next to the. You can imagine that this resulted in a few shocked faces :D. Some of the outfits looked nice, some worse and in the end one had to go. We will see who is next.

Now to something else. Just in case you didn’t already see it by yourself I want to tell you, that I am making good progress in my reading challenges since summer holidays started. Normally I update it right after I finished another book (otherwise I might forget about it and that would be bad) so it is pretty up to date.

Other than that I think I didn’t have a lot of progress lately on my life list. If I remember right, I just finished one more thing on it (finishing a cosplay costume and wear it to a convention).

My plans for the day and nutrition are still working out fine and I did some more sports. That’s it for today. Trying to do blogging more regularly again but not every day so maybe every 2-3 days.

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The next attempt of planning

PlanSo, two days ago I made a mistake. I felt like I gained weight and I stepped on the scale – and I was right! Argh! So immediately after I got over the first shock I started with a sports active workout.

Before that, I already decided to change a little in my life because when my summer holidays started, I first was totally stressed out. I wanted to be done with my costumes for the first two conventions on time (I’m planning on writing something about them in a later post). After that I felt a big relief and did hardly anything except sitting in front of the pc and sleeping really long. But now im already nearly a month into the holidays and I finally decided that it’s time to change it and to give the days a bit more  meaning again. So I started a new attempt of planning my life.

It worked out pretty fine already in my holidays in february so I thought I give it another try. First I made a plan to structure my day and then I made a plan for my nutrition as I realised, that I either ate out (what is unhealty and expensive) or ate nearly the same every day.  Also there was the scale-problem I talked about above. Ok, it’s not that I gained a ton or so, but I don’t feel good with it. And no, I’m not in danger for an eating disorder or something like that.

So the last two days I lived my life after my plans and so far it works out pretty well. I’m not going 100% strictly after the plans (that wouldn’t be possible anyway) but all in all with little adjustments on the way it works.

One good thing about the plan is, that I can see in the evening what I accomplished during the day.  That motivates me and makes me feel proud. And I get more of the stuff that interests me and I want to do in one day (and I have LOADS of interests). Because of the plan my room looks cleaner, I ate healthy, I learned a little bit more Java, I started thinking about an idea for a Fanart, searched for a job and started a new music related project. The project consists of 2 guitar-learning-books I got from the library yesterday and a guitar I borrowed from my flatmate. I also practiced already twice. It’s exciting, I just hope that my fingers will soon build some horny skin because at the moment it hurts a little. But I guess thats the price you have to pay if you want to learn the guitar. I’m curious how long I will stick to it.

I am thinking about if I should pack this in a new Challenge or if I should look how it goes first… I will see. I first let it sit for a bit – oh, that rhymes and what rhymes is good! (That’s an insider for all german speaking people – you know who said that?)

I will not bother you with further details of my plans except you want to know anything more. In that case just ask me in the comments below!

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Challenge 2.0, Day 11 – The Last Time at the Studio

Day 11 of Challenge 2.0 today. Today didn’t happen a lot. I worked at the studio for the last time. So if anybody of you planned to visit me there – it’s too late now. The next few days we are packing our stuff and bring it back home.

Man, my room will look like it was hit by a hurricane when I have all my stuff back in. But also I am looking forward to it. I will have my sewing machine back home and all my fabrics and other stuff, so if I feel creative I can start sewing right away. No matter what day or time it is and without being watched by someone or having to freeze or starve. This will be great. Also I will finally be able to finish my cosplay costumes. I could have done in the studio too but, somehow, I didn’t feel like it there. I need some peace to do that I guess.

My poor mate is sitting in her room for the last few days and sewing all day as she is doing a fashion show on saturday with a few other labels and working her …uhm…. she is working a lot! So if you want to see what she did, come to the fashion show on Saturday, April 17th  at the Mon Ami (Theobaldg. 9, 1060 Wien).

Other than that I watched another episode of the biggest loser earlier. It wasn’t very spectacular this time but in a strange way it still motivates to do more sport. The weather outside is still cold and ugly, hopefully it will get better soon and then I might try to go for a run alone for the first time. I’m still a bit scared but I really want to try.

Oh I just remembered something else I did while I was at the studio. Today I didn’t bring my laptop as I used to do but a book, I want and need to read and managed to read about 180 pages of it. That’s a nice progress. It seems that I finally get my reading challenges going.

That’s it for today. See you at Day 12.

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Challenge 2.0, Day 4 – The White Jacket

Day 4 of Challenge 2.0 already. Time flies by when you have to do a lot and today I did a lot. In the morning a friend of mine came to visit. He needed help for his cosplay costume. So we first went to a shop that sells art supplies to buy a few things he needed to finish the costume. Then we had lunch at an italian restaurant that is one of my favourites. Everything is sooo delicious there. (For everyone in my area: Vapiano is highly recommended!)

After that we went back home, I had a short geek-break aka I played a short round of CS with some friends and then we packed all the stuff we needed and headed to the studio. First because I had to work there today and second because we had space and a sewing machine and stuff to work on the costume what was a white suit jacket (as seen in the work in progress picture). We didn’t finish it and finished a lot less than we hoped but at least the most difficult parts are done now, hopefully my friend will succeed in doing the rest. He has busy days ahead of him as the convention where he want’s to wear it is this weekend already!

In the evening I went home and read a few other blogs of people doing Life Lists and found some interesting stuff and motivation. Also I remembered some more items for my own Life List so I updated it a bit today. After that I was hungry but it also was late already so I was looking for something to eat but didn’t really want to cook anymore. I was tempted to just eat some cookies (as I am allowed again) but then decided for a soup with pasta and vegetables. I’m proud that I took the better option even tho the cookies would have been the faster and easier one.

As I mentioned yesterday, it is a Sports Active Breakday today so I didn’t do any but I’ll do my belly exercises right after I finished this post. At the moment I have 3 active things (actually 4 but one is the result of one of the others) on my Life List . They were for today:

  1. Drink 1.5 Liters of Water: done
  2. Do belly exercises: right after this post
  3. Blogpost: obviously done

That means, my day is completed and I can head to bed now (a little too late again *sigh*). See you at Day 5.

Challenge Day 38 – The Shopping Trip

Day 38 of my Challenge started pretty early with friday’s screenplay writing class at 8:30. It ended around noon and the moment I stepped out the door a good friend of mine called me and asked if I wanna go shopping with her. So we went to the main shopping street here, ate at McDonalds (again) where I had the same I had yesterday and went shopping afterwards. I just got me a black basic t-shirt I need for my cosplay costume (I’ll have to modify it) and looked at the Sports Active more Workouts Game but resisted to buy it (yet).

After that I went to my second class today that wasn’t THAT thrilling, then I went home and grabbed the library books that were due today and headed to the library. When I was there I got some new books I need this semester – these are a lot of paper to read but at least most of them are novels, so it is hopefully fun to read. When I was home (after I went for a quick grocery shopping) I was exhausted. It took me a while to motivate myself to cook dinner but finally managed to do it (including vegetables and salad and again no chocolate). After that I did my daily Sports Active + belly workout. But somehow the calender screwed it again so I did the workout for tomorrow already today (don’t ask me, how this is possible).

But this isn’t that bad as I have to work tomorrow anyway (and probably go to Uni before – but will decide that later) so I might not have a lot of time to do it anyway. Depending on what turns out tomorrow about the Class I might have I either have easter holidays from tomorrow or from Sunday evening. Let’s see. But I am excited. Two weeks of free time…….. filled with a huge workload I should/have to/want to/need to do.

That’s all for today already. It’s late (again) so see you tomorrow with Day 39!

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Challenge Day 37 – The Fast food experience

Challenge Day 37, 9 Days to go. Wow. “It’s the final countdoooown” *sing*. Oh, sorry I got distracted.

So today I managed to do something pretty cool. I went to McDonalds with a friend of mine (no, that’s not the cool part) and ate a full meal there that was healthy! Ok, most of it. I did eat a Veggie Burger but I also ate a Salad, drank Sparkling water and had a fruit bag for desert! I counted the kcal in the end and got 505 kcal total! (400-something was already the burger). Normally I don’t count kcal as I don’t have to but today I was curious about it. I think thats pretty nice for a visit to a fast food restaurant.

After that I burned a lot of kcal already while doing a shopping marathon with the same friend to help find him white trousers for his next cosplay costume. After a lot of stores we finally succeeded! It still was exhausting.

Then I went to a class in the evening (the hardcore one I told you about already I think) and saw a light at the end of the tunnel. No, I didn’t die or so, I just finally have the hope to be able to talk about the short film I have to give a presentation about for at least a few minutes (until before the class I thought I might manage to do about 30 seconds, so this is already a big improvement) In all the presentation should be 15 minutes in the and so I hope I have a good partner for that presentation and we’ll find some more to talk about till then.

When I was home I cooked dinner and ate cucumbers with it, again no chocolate today. Afterwards I was tired and stuffed of food but after a while I still motivated myself to do Sports Active and the additional belly exercises even tho my belly and my bum still hurt from yesterday’s workout. So I’m proud of myself that I still did it even with all the points speaking against it!

Now it’s late and I have to get up early tomorrow and it is going to be a busy day again so see you tomorrow with Day 38!

Maybe you wanna tell me how your Challenge goes? Any problems or excitement? Leave me a comment!

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my geek project – episode 3

First of all I have to say that I’m sorry that I didn’t write anything for so long, I planned to blog more often but life is mostly not how you plan it.

So, today I wanted to give a short update about my geek project. It didn’t happen much about it but a little. I still don’t reveal what costume I’m doing but I’m showing you a little sneak peak about what I did so far. I started with a jacket, decided how to do the pattern and cut out the pieces.

First picture shows the main pieces of the jacket before cutting the fabric the second, how it looks like after. (Exciting, huh? 😉 )

pieces before cutting after cutting the fabric

I altered some of the pieces already again but the battery of my lovely cellphone out of hell went empty during taking the picture. Maybe I dedicate a post to my cellphone in the future as it has it’s own little horrorstory already.

Ok, don’t have much more to show about my project today but I can tell you about another experiment I did yesterday. I was invited to a surprise birthday party (it was fun!) and had the typical problem all girls (and some boys) know – “What should I wear?”. I stumbled across some stuff about reconstructing t-shirts lately and really like the idea (it also matches with my idea of going green) so I wanted to try it. I took a t-shirt out of my closet what I didn’t like to wear the way it was and reconstructed it to a nice top. It turned out pretty well. Maybe I show you in another post.

So that’s it for today. Do you have anything you wanna read (more) about on this blog? Any questions, suggestions? Drop me a line at the comments!