Review Policy

Thank you for consindering me to Review a Book for you! On this page I will answer a few questions about Reviews.

What kind of books do I review?

I like YA most but once in a while I read Adult or MG too. Depends on the Topic. My favourite Genre is Fantasy, especially Urban Fantasy but I also like Dystopian, Contemporary or Chick-Lit. It is probably a good Idea to just ask me or check my Books Read Page to get an idea. I am ok with Hardcopies, e-books (for kindle) or Audiobooks.

What kind of books do I NOT review?

I don’t like any Christian Literature and most of Historical Fiction. I am not a big fan of Thrillers either but I make exceptions if I really like the Topic.

How quickly do I promise to read the book?

I can’t promise a Date but I will try to do my best to finish it 30 days before or after the Publication Date.

Do I guarantee a review for every book I read?

No. If I don’t like the Book/can’t finish it I won’t review it.

Where do I post my reviews?

At the moment I am only posting them on this Blog but I am planning to post them on Goodreads and maybe Amazon in the Future.

Would I participate in other Stuff like Blogtours, Giveaways, ..?

I would love to! Just drop me a line and we will figure something out.

How can you contact me?

  • Mail: fashion.daisychain [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Twitter: @Angel_Jo_n1
  • Facebook: Daisy Chain



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