Welcome to Cedar Cove Challenge

Ms. Macomber has written a delightful series with the town setting based on her real life home town! Visit her website for a look at all the books she has written or skip right to her Cedar Cove page which has cover graphics, book descriptions and links to excerpts.

Must they be read in order? I don’t think so but I will be. I think it will spoil some of the previous story lines. I’m pretty sure each is a stand alone book, except book 12. If I remember correctly each book has characters from the other stories but they’re there just in passing. Book 12 gives us a chance to catch up with everyone….and say good-bye.

The first 9 books were re-released with new covers in 2010 so they shouldn’t be too hard to find and with the author’s popularity, your local library may have a copy.

What: Read all the books related to Cedar Cove, maybe not the cookbook 😉

When: now to ???? (hoping for December 31, 2012)

16 Lighthouse Road
204 Rosewood Lane
311 Pelican Court
44 Cranberry Point
50 Harbor Street
6 Rainier Drive
74 Seaside Avenue
8 Sandpiper Way
92 Pacific Boulevard
1022 Evergreen Place
1105 Yakima Street
1225 Christmas Tree Lane – release date: Sept 27

plus two related stories:
5-B, a novella in the Hearts Divided anthology (Feb 2006)
A Cedar Cove Christmas (Oct 2008)


0 responses to “Welcome to Cedar Cove Challenge

  1. looks like you did as well as I did 🙂
    take it into next year and happy reading

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