Life List

This is my Life List of things I want to achieve. As some of them are not reachable within the next 1001 days I decided for a Life List without a due date. But still I want to work on the goals constantly and keep you updated about them. I’ll cross them off as soon as I achieved them. List will be updated as soon as I know new stuff. This will be a mix of hard to achieve goals and easier goals so it’s in some way a mix of a Life List and a 101 in 1001.

Official start: 04/04/2010.

    Sport & Health:

  1. finish the dm women’s run on May 30th(achieved 30/05/2010, also see Challenge 2.0)
  2. Do Sport 5 times a week for 30 days (0/20)
  3. finish the Sports Active 6 weeks challenge
  4. do belly exercises every day for 30 days (0/30)
  5. finish a half marathon
  6. finish a marathon
  7. be able to do 10 correct push-ups in a row
  8. drink 1.5 Liters of Water every day for 30 days (achieved 04/05/2010)
  9. Don’t eat chocolate for 46 Days (achieved 04/04/2010, also see here, did this challenge again from August to October for about two months)
  10. find out what blood type I am
  11. Social & Family:

  12. donate blood
  13. register as a bone marrow doner
  14. donate bone marrow
  15. participate in the Project 4 Awesome with a Video
  16. raise 1.000 € for a charity
  17. volunteer (achieved 14/08/2010 – volunteered for “Die Tafel” at Team Österreich – not the last time! Helped out a few times by now)
  18. help someone reach one of his or her goals
  19. save a life
  20. have a child
  21. send Christmas cards
  22. send a handwritten letter
  23. throw a crazy party
  24. Education:

  25. complete 5 Reading Challenges successfully (2/5)
  26. read 1001 books on the 1001 List (this is going to be a lifelong challenge I guess, also see the 1% well Read Challenge)
  27. watch every movie that won the oscar for best picture (list)(16/82)
  28. earn a degree
  29. learn japanese
  30. learn another coding language
  31. learn to play the piano
  32. learn to play the bass
  33. get my IQ tested
  34. Arts:

  35. finish a cosplay costume and wear it to a convention (achieved 03/07/2010 at the “Made in Japan” Convention with Cosplay of Yuffie Kisaragi [Final Fantasy], pictures will follow)
  36. successfully sew something where the pattern is stated as the hardest difficult level
  37. sell a piece of my selfmade clothes
  38. create 20 pictures for dA
  39. learn to play 3 songs of Evanescence on the piano
  40. write a screenplay
  41. have a screenplay produced
  42. film a movie
  43. write a book
  44. have the book published
  45. write one blogpost every day for 60 days (0/60)
  46. finish a Homepage I built from scratch
  47. Start a Project on Youtube and earn money with it
  48. Travel:

  49. visit UK again
  50. go shopping in London
  51. be on top of the eiffel tower
  52. visit USA
  53. go shopping in NY
  54. play a game in a Casino in Las Vegas
  55. visit LA
  56. visit a friend in Canada
  57. visit Tokyo
  58. attend a cherry blossom festival
  59. Visit 5 Continents (2/5)
  60. visit every country in europe (will update with a map)
  61. visit every country in the world (maybe I’ll change that later to “every country I WANT to visit”)
  62. Nature:

  63. plant a tree
  64. grow my own vegetables or fruits
  65. Personal:

  66. get a tattoo
  67. get a piercing
  68. do a parachute jump
  69. meet my namesake (in person – already got in contact with her on Facebook)
  70. live in another country for at least 3 months
  71. earn 1.000 € by selling stuff on Ebay
  72. compete in a Contest and win a price (achieved at 28/08/2010 by winning third place for my Chidori Cosplay)
  73. get at least 101 things on the list
  74. complete everything on this list

4 responses to “Life List

  1. love your list! mine is categorized as well. good luck with accomplishing it!

  2. Hi, I love your life list – if there are some that are longer-term goals – you could note interim steps – steps taken along the way – like break your read the 1001 books list down into reading at least on of them a month or something – then check that off every 6months or so… just an idea!

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