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2014: New Year, new me, new chance.

So it is the time of the year again where everyone recaps 2013 and makes new years resolutions (or not) and as I am pro-resolutions even tho I am anti-sticking-to-them I want to do that too.

One thing I realised in 2013 was, that I didn’t like it too much how I restricted myself with this blog to stay within one topic. “Everyone” (as in “I read a lot about it”) is telling me, that you are supposed to stick to a topic or theme when you write a blog. I understand why, but I figured that this is not for me.

I often wanted to write about a lot of things but couldn’t because they were not book related. So, as this blog started as a new years resolution and had not a real theme at first I will go back to the roots so to speak.

So be prepared to read here about other things that happen in my life in the future.

Now that I’ve warned you, I can go ahead and start with “these other things” which will be my new years resolutions today. They are far from well thought about but I hope, that they will get better as I go. I started thinking about them about 2 days ago, that might be a reason. What I have are a few general topics under which I want to try to get stuff done..or right. And as I am one of these people who need to tell it other people to stick (a little bit better) to them, I will do so. Man, I just realise how rusty I am in blogging already, need to practice more often again. Without further ado, here are the main topics:

  1. FOOD
  3. DIY
  5. SPACE
  6. FUN

These are not sorted by priority just by the order they came to my mind. So what do I mean with these things. Let’s take a closer look.

1. FOOD: I want to eat healthier this year. Not totally strict as I wouldn’t be able to stick to it forever anyway but I want to start building habits. “Totally strict” would also interfere with 6. General things might be: eat vegan more often, fish less (I am pescetarian). Less sweets (I want to stay sane so I will still eat a little bit of sweets!), less fatty things and more veggies and things that are good for me. I also want to cook more often as I haven’t really done that in the last year which I am missing. Oh, I almost forgot: drink at least 2 litres of water a day (got a handy dandy app on my phone for that and it did work out quite well in december already).

2. FITNESS: I have done close to no activity in 2013 and that’s not good at all. Also I am working full time again for a year now and I am sitting in front of a computer more than ever (even tho I was an expert in that before that already). Having probleps with my sciatic nerve in the second half of 2013 made me also realise that I am not getting younger. So I will try do more exercise this year. Even if it is only for 5 or 10 minutes. I am thinking about trying the Blogilates Workout Calendar and maybe getting a FitBit-thing.

3. DIY: I had so many Ideas, bought so many magazines and watched so many DIY videos on youtube last year but did hardly anything myself which made me mad about myself. So I want to make something as often as possible this year. And not only make, but finish! Also I really want to start an Etsy shop this year (as I am talking about that for ages already – and annoying all of my friends with it).

4. EDUCATION: This is rather simple to explain. I have to be done with my study by April 2015 and I still need a hand full of classes and all of my final paper. I want to be done with all that by the end of the year.

5. SPACE: No I don’t want to travel to the moon. With SPACE I mean the space around me. The apartment I live in (which is mostly my bf’s at the moment even tho I still have my own) and the stuff I surround myself with. I would like to move to a bigger place with my bf this year and also want to get rid of stuff (best case would be BEFORE moving) and organise the stuff I have better. Also, as I was reminded of the film Plastic Planet a while ago I also want to try to get rid of at least some of the plastic in my surrounding.

6. FUN: Doing all that I still want to have fun. It is of no use if I am miserable all the time. I want to make my life better and not worse! So I won’t punish myself if I don’t act according to the points above (this will be a hard challenge) and not give up immediately when that happens (“Now that I didn’t do any exercises for the last two days there is no need of continuing anymore”). Another thing I want to do this year is to watch all Episodes of Classic Doctor Who (I am in the middle of season 2 right now). And last but not least I don’t want to neglect this blog any longer even tho I have a lot on my plate and I won’t be able to promise anything.

Ok, I think the wall of text is long enough now. Respekt to everyone who read until here!

Do you do new years resolutions? If yes, which are yours for 2014? Do you stick to them normally?

Happy New Year everyone!


Bloggiesta Wrap up Post

Three days are over, already! The time went by way too quickly. I managed to do only a small portion of what I wanted to do but at least a little bit.

On Day 1 I had a late start because I had to deal with two papers first. I finished one and tried to postpone the other one (haven’t heard back by the teacher yet, so can’t tell if it was successfully). As it was late by then already I just did the Pinterest Mini-Challenge and commented on a few To-do-Lists and then went to bed. Sadly I couldn’t attend the Twitterchat because it was too late for me and I had to go to class the next morning.

Day 2 started with said Class and when I was back home I was sooo tired I couldn’t really do anything so I went for a nap – which made me have even less time . *sigh* Luckily I did manage to get at least a little bit done. I decluttered my Sidebars, wrote the long threaded and most feared Review Policy Page and thought about New Content which was a bigger success than I thought beforehand. I also attended the Twitterchat that day, it was a blast!

Today which was Day 3 I slept in way too long (I start to see a pattern here) and attended the Twitterchat. I updated the Excel Sheet I have for my NetGalley books (and realised how many I have to read by now! brrr), did the Goodreads Mini-Challenge and the one where you learn how to make your Reviews better. I also read through the 5 tips to write your Reviews faster but didn’t do the Challenge part for it.

That’s all not a very huge success especially because I wanted to write and schedule a lot of posts and didn’t even manage to write an IMM Post but I did at least something and got some motivation to do more in the Future. Also I met a lot of awesome people during this weekend. I love the Book Blogger Community, everyone is so kind and helpful. It feels like a big family. Btw did you realise it too that (nearly?) all of us where females? I couldn’t really find any male blogger the whole weekend! Not that I have a problem with it I am just wondering! Is it because reading in general is something that more girls do than boys? Hm, this will keep me thinking a while longer I guess :).

So when it was time to call it an End I was in a kind of depressed mood for a bit. Not sure if it was because the fun weekend was over already or because I was mad at myself because I wasted it without doing a lot…

How was your Bloggiesta Weekend? Did you manage to do everything on your list? Or at least most? If yes, Congratulations, I am really proud of you! (and a little jealous :D)

All I have left to say now is Bye Bloggiesta, see you again in September for the next Weekend of Blogging Madness and Love spreading! Thank you Suey and Danielle for hosting this awesome Event!

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge #3 – Code Name: Content

The sad thing is that I haven’t done a lot of blogging here compaired to a lot of other Bloggers and still I don’t really know what to write about. Most of the stuff I am not sure if it is apropriate anymore. In the Past, before I became a Book Blogger I just posted about my daily activities and stuff. But would people be annoyed to read something like this on a Book blog?

I just read through Emily’s Mini-Challgen over at Emily’s Reading Room. On a Sidenote: I looove her Blog design, it’s so cute! So when I read through the Challenge it made me think. And when I read that I had to come up with 10 Topics I started to sweat. So this will be a good Challenge as it is really challenging me. I first wasn’t sure if I should write them in the Post or just secretly for me but then I thought that I could maybe get some Feedback of what people would enjoy to read.

Let’s get started with the Topics:

*scratches her head*

  1. How I got a friend addicted to the Hunger Games
  2. Favourite Books from when I was a child
  3. Let me show you the Libraries in my Town!
  4. Cover Discussions: German vs. USA vs. GB Covers
  5. German Books I wish will be translated to English one day
  6. Goodies I found to make Reading even more fun
  7. Booktube find of the Week/Month
  8. What my Final Paper will be all about (+ Updates) (Hint: it has to do with books!)
  9. Books 4 Life
  10. Monthly Update on my Reading Challenges

Phew, all except no. 1 and maybe no. 9 could be Weekly/Monthly/Random Series. It really surprised me that I came up with so many I could make Series out of! And even if it took me a while to find the 10 Topics it didn’t take me as long as I thought and I made it. I am proud of myself! And now there is a small chance that I can maybe even make my goal of scheduling posts! Woho!

What do you think about the Topics? Would you want to read one/more/all of them?

Bloggiesta Day 2 or How to Fail big Time

Bloggiesta Day 2It is day two already! Wow time flies by! Yesterday I needed most of the day to do other Stuff that had to be done before I could start Bloggiesta so I haven’t had a lot of time to do something before it was time to go to bed. So for the start of today I thought I could tell you a little how my day started because I haven’t had a very smooth start today.

Technically the Day started already before I went to bed because it was already 2 AM when I did so (Twitter during Bloggiesta is so mean!). Then at 6 AM the cat woke me – first by sticking her wet nose and her paws in my eyes and face and stomping all over me, then by finding out that she could get the cat goodies by throwing the box on the ground so that it opens. This resulted first in a loud noise, second in a cat munching cat snacks like a maniac and third me crawling out of bed, shouting at her and putting the snacks back in the box (and putting it on the highest shelf I could find).

The next time I woke up was at 8 AM when my alarm went off for the first time. It did that every ten minutes for the next two hours but I was way too tired to get up. This meant that I was already late for class, so I got up and went to the underground station and hopped on the train only to realise that the station where I had to switch trains was closed. Ok, so walking for one station –  at least that woke me up a little with the icy wind.

As soon as I sat in the second train I had a bag with an opened pack of chocolate dangeling right in front of my face – in smelling distance for my nose. I have to add that I challenged myself to not eat any sweets – especially chocolate during lent which ends next week so I am pretty desperate for chocolate at the moment. But eventually I finally reached uni and set there, wanting to go home and finally start my Bloggiesta Day.

So here I am. I am not sure yet if I will keep updating yesterday’s To-Do List (maybe with colour coding?) or write a new one so that it is better to read. Will decide that a little bit later. But I haven’t planned anything else for the weekend which means that I am not supposed to leave the house anymore for the rest of the weekend so I can fully concentrate on Bloggiesta-ing….. whatever :).

Oh I nearly forgot. Last thing I did last night was Mission “Pinterest” and when I came home earlier I couldn’t believe my eyes. So many people started following me already! Amazing! Thank you everyone, I am thrilled!

Have a nice Bloggiesta Day everyone!

Bloggiesta Starting Line or How to mess up!

Hi there, Bloggiesta..ristas? I’m so excited that Bloggiesta finally starts. It was so much fun last year so I am really looking forward to this weekend. I just have a “little” problem. Because…. I have two papers due TODAY! So I can’t really start with Bloggiesta yet, I first have to try to a) figure out if I even CAN finish them tonight and b) if yes, finish the papers until midnight or c) if no, write mail to teachers to ask for (another) new due date. I so tried to finish them until yesterday so that I can jump right in the Bloggiesta fun today but yeah, nothing ever happens as I plan. *sigh*

So this Post will be my To-Do List during the Weekend. I will update this post as I finish Tasks or find new ones.

Oh, wait. You don’t know Bloggiesta? You wonder what crazy stuff I am talking about at the moment? Then go check out the two new hosters of the Event at It’s all about books and There’s a Book.

edit day 2: Decided to keep this To-Do-List but split it up in Days to be able to see a little better when I did what.

edit day 3: OMG I did so little yesterday! Need to do way more today. At least I’m not tired today.

But now, let’s get started with the To-Do List:

Day 1:

  1. Finish or postpone paper 1 (Code Name: Documentary) (0/2500 Words) (asked for new Due Date)
  2. Finish or postpone paper 2 (Code Name: Commercials) (7/8-10 Pages) DONNNNEE!! WOHOO!! *celebrates* Bloggiesta here I come!
  3. Write “real” To-Do-List (allowing myself to do when I’m done with 1. and 2. )
  4. Roll up my sleeves – Check!
  5. Get to know Pinterest and find out what it is/if I want to have it. Another Mini-Challenge here. Mission “Pinterest”  complete!
  6. Think of another thing on the List so that I don’t have to have 13.

Day 2:

  1. Sidebars: get rid of stuff that is outdated and put in stuff that should be there – Saw a Mini-Challenge for this. Mission “Sidebars” completed!
  2. Get Policy Page(s)Mini-Challenge at Squeaky Books. GOT IT! YES!
  3. Go for a Nap. For Reasons, go check out my Bloggiesta Day 2 Intro Post.
  4. Think about new Content. (Mini-Challenge) Code Name: Content, complete!

Day 3:

  1. Speaking of Mini-Challenges – Do as many as possible this weekend (4 done)
  2. Write as many Posts to schedule as possible (failed at this one last year miserably).
  3. Check out Networked Blogs and decide if I want to have it too.
  4. Check Options for selfhosting Blog (I guess that won’t happen this weekend but I can get at least Info about it)
  5. Update About me Page (This is soo way out of date I can’t even tell).
  6. Connect with other Bloggers as much as possible during the whole weekend.
  7. Edit material for February Wrap-up Video and upload it to Youtube (no, that’s not a mistake. It is supposed to be February. I am soo behind!)
  8. Update Excel-Sheet with NetGalley Books. Done!
  9. Try to read at least one NetGalley Book over the weekend. (I have so many and not finished one of them yet, I feel so guilty by now!)
  10. Find out what Windows Live Writer is all about. I think I’ve seen a Mini-Challenge for this one too.
  11. Read and Comment (or try to, had one already that I tried about 20 times but couldn’t post my comment) on all To-Do-List posts of all Bloggiesta participants (No. 1-5 on Starting line post done)
  12. Organize Reading Challenge Pages better.
  13. Declutter Facebook Page.
  14. Do Goodreads Mini-Challenge (by Janicu at Janicu’s Book Blog) – DONE! I LOOOOVE my new exclusive shelves!!!!
  15. Learn how to make my Reviews better. Mini-Challenge by the bluestocking society (Now I only have to write them)

Oh and just because I saw it on someone elses blog and thought that it would be fun:

Food and Drinks Consumed:

Day 1:

  • 2 Cups of English Breakfast Tea
  • 2 Cups of Water
  • A Bowl of Cinnamon Cereals
  • ~4 Bowls of Cauliflower and Fennel Stew and two slices of bread with butter
  • 2 more Bowls of Stew (Don’t worry it’s gone now) and two more slices of bread

Day 2:

  • 1 Bowl of Cinnamon Cereals with a banana
  • 2 Cups of Water (yes, I know I should drink more)
  • 1 Cup of Tea
  • Pasta with Veggies

Day 3:

  • Another Bowl of Cinnamon Cereals + Banana (yes, I like these)
  • 2 Cups of Water
  • ~ 3 portions of Tuna Spaghetti

Musik listened to:

Day 1:

  • Deadmau5 – Ghosts and Stuff

Day 2:

  • LMFAO – Sorry for Party rocking
  • David Guetta – Turn me on

Stuff watched:

Day 2:

  • Germany’s next Topmodel Season 7?8?9? Episode 6
  • Youtube Videos by Shaytards and Sototallyvlog

Day 3:

  • Youtube Video by Shaytards
  • My Life as Liz – Season 2 Episode 1

Happy Bloggiesta everyone!

Challenge 2.0 – The Summary and The Challenge 23

Long time no see I would say. The last weeks were really busy and chaotic and I haven’t had the time and silence to write blogposts. Even tho it is still busy I want to try to blog more often again from now on especially because I have a new Challenge for you (or rather for me).

But before that, you for sure want to know what happened to my old Challenge 2.0. I bet you are curious if I managed to run the “dm Frauenlauf”. So what can I say… I did! I have a picture of me in the pretty running shirt we got with my finisher medal to prove:

womens run

I ran all the way and didn’t have to stop or walk in between and with a time of 0:37:15,9 I was still slow but about 3 min. faster than I thought I would be. I didn’t manage to do my two bonus goals that were

a) be in the first 1000 of my age range (I was 1106th) and

b) finish the run faster than the fastest nordic walker (she had a time of 35 Min. and something – how did she do that??!)

but I am still proud of myself that I tryed and finished it!

So I talked about a new Challenge already, now it’s time to specify it. Today I realised that I have only 23 days left until the first of three conventions, I want to attend, starts. As my cosplays will be with a bare midriff (at least 2 of them) I need to do a lot of sports until then to make my belly flat and showable. No, I don’t want to lose weight or something like that but I don’t want to show my belly the way it is, so I need to change it.

My Battleplan for the next 23 Days looks like this:

1. Do sport as often as possible, best case every day. An option would be one day running or swimming (especially because summer and 30° C finally arrived here!) and the next day sports active and so on.

2. Do belly exercises (again) as often as possible, best case also every day.

3. Eat as healthy as possible what means:

– as much vegetables and fruit as possible

– as little chocolate, cookies, fastfood and bad fat in general as possible

– trying to eat carbohydrates not to late in the day (maybe before 6 in the evening?)

– start again with drinking 1,5 litres of water a day(or more if it’s hot)

But that’s not all I have to do to prepair for the first convention. I also need to finish my Cosplays what means that I still have a lot of work ahead of me. I will keep you updated with my improvements.

Today’s Summary:

Sport & Nutrition:

3,25 km of running

~ 3 km of walking

decided for the stairs instead of the elevator: 2 times (upwards, I hardly ever use the elevator downwards)


Didn’t do anything today. I’m not revealing what characters it will be already. You will have to stay tuned to find out.

Percentage of completion:

Cosplay 1: 40% done

Cosplay 2: 10% done

Cosplay 3: not decided for one yet

Other things to be done this week:

finish reading The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde

read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

write a Treatment

write a paper about the movie Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

buy shoes (woho so looking forward to that!)


Ok, that’s it for today. It got a long but hopefully not boring post. See you soon (hopefully tomorrow) with a new update.

Challenge 2.0, Day 20 – The Synopses

make it work cookieDay 20 of Challenge 2.0 already. I am moving forward. Last night I was scared of today because I thought I will be terribly tired. But I felt surprisingly good today. I was a bit tired but after a short nap around noon I felt good again until now.

In the morning we had the screenplay writing class again and discussed some of the synopses we had to write. Was pretty interesting. We will discuss mine next week. I’m a bit afraid of that, I hope they don’t hate it. My film idea is pretty geeky. I’ll tell you somewhere in the future what it’s all about.

Other than that I watched the finale of season 7 of project runway today. It’s always exciting to see with what collections the finalists come up with at new york fashion week. And it is also interesting what the judges love about them. I’m just glad they chose my favourite designer (Seth Aaron) as the winner. He always did the best, coolest, most creative, most awesome pieces. He has totally the style I like.

Ok, tomorrow we have our big “Casting” for “Austrias next top flatmate” 😀 so I better stop now and head to bed. I hope to see you tomorrow with Day 21 and maybe already with a decision for a new flatmate – exciting!

Picture by buba69