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Review: The Maker Movement Manifesto by Mark Hatch

Makers Movement Manifesto by Mark Hatch

Title: The Maker Movement Manifesto
Author: Mark Hatch
Pages: 256
Source: NetGalley
Language: English
Published: September 27, 2013
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 9780071821124

Goodreads Summary :

WELCOME TO THE MAKER MOVEMENT. A revolution is under way. But it’s not about tearing down the old guard. It’s about building, it’s about creating, it’s about breathing life into groundbreaking new ideas. It’s called the Maker Movement, and it’s changing the world.

Mark Hatch has been at the forefront of the Maker Movement since it began. A cofounder of TechShop–the first, largest, and most popular makerspace–Hatch has seen it all. Average people pay a small fee for access to advanced tools–everything from laser cutters and milling machines to 3D printers and AutoCAD software. All they have to bring is their creativity and some positive energy. Prototypes of new products that would have cost $100,000 in the past have been made in his shop for $1,000.

The Maker Movement is where all the next great inventions and innovations are happening– and you can play a part in it.

“The Maker Movement Manifesto” takes you deep into the movement. Hatch describes the remarkable technologies and tools now accessible to you and shares stories of how ordinary people have devised extraordinary products, giving rise to successful new business ventures. He explains how economic upheavals are paving the way for individuals to create, innovate, make a fortune–and even drive positive societal change–with nothing more than their own creativity and some hard work.

It’s all occurring right now, all around the world–and possibly in your own neighborhood.

The creative spirit lives inside every human being. We are all makers. Whether you’re a banker, lawyer, teacher, tradesman, or politician, you can play an important role in the Maker society.

So fire up your imagination, read “The Maker Movement Manifesto”–and start creating! | | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository

My Thoughts:

I just finished the book a few hours ago and I had to write this review instantly even tho it still takes more than a month until it comes out. One reason for this was because I got so excited reading the book and I still am and I had to transfer this into the review before it wears off.

When I download books off of Netgalley I often flip through the first few pages when I get them to see what it is about and if it looks interesting. I also did that with the Makers Movement Manifesto and two things happened. First, I stumbled upon some real life stories about people at the place who Mark Hatch Co-founded and I am a sucker for these kind of stories. Second, I read the name of the place he founded and instantly went on google to look it up. There I found videos about it which I watched. Even one hour long ones. I watched all of them and I thought: “OMG I want to be there, I want to try that, where is the nearest TechShop”. This thought kept coming back while reading the book about every 2 pages at least.

I finished the book in two days which is quick for me (it also was a fairly short book tho) and read it whenever I could. I even thought of writing an email to TechShop begging them to open a shop in my city when I did some more research on google and found out that there is a hackerspace called HappyLab (I love that name btw) in my town which isn’t a TechShop but the closest I can get and I am SO EXCITED. I will definitely check it out as soon as I can.

This book came around just at the right moment because I was thinking about doing something creative for months now. I was even trying some stuff but hit limitations in term of space, material or tools a lot. Also I want to try something new, especially the “gateway drug” as – I believe – Hatch called the laser cutter. This really sounds like a drug to me and one of the few I really want to try (one of my other drugs is chocolate).

To sum this bowl of excitement up, I want to add that this is may be not everyone’s cup of tea but I think a lot of people do want to “make” something with their own hands… may it be “only” by pressing the start button an a laser cutter…

Cover: I like the cover. It is simple but dragged my attention when I browsed through NetGalley.

Rating: 5 Chocolate Hearts

Rating 5


Bloggiesta Wrap up Post

Three days are over, already! The time went by way too quickly. I managed to do only a small portion of what I wanted to do but at least a little bit.

On Day 1 I had a late start because I had to deal with two papers first. I finished one and tried to postpone the other one (haven’t heard back by the teacher yet, so can’t tell if it was successfully). As it was late by then already I just did the Pinterest Mini-Challenge and commented on a few To-do-Lists and then went to bed. Sadly I couldn’t attend the Twitterchat because it was too late for me and I had to go to class the next morning.

Day 2 started with said Class and when I was back home I was sooo tired I couldn’t really do anything so I went for a nap – which made me have even less time . *sigh* Luckily I did manage to get at least a little bit done. I decluttered my Sidebars, wrote the long threaded and most feared Review Policy Page and thought about New Content which was a bigger success than I thought beforehand. I also attended the Twitterchat that day, it was a blast!

Today which was Day 3 I slept in way too long (I start to see a pattern here) and attended the Twitterchat. I updated the Excel Sheet I have for my NetGalley books (and realised how many I have to read by now! brrr), did the Goodreads Mini-Challenge and the one where you learn how to make your Reviews better. I also read through the 5 tips to write your Reviews faster but didn’t do the Challenge part for it.

That’s all not a very huge success especially because I wanted to write and schedule a lot of posts and didn’t even manage to write an IMM Post but I did at least something and got some motivation to do more in the Future. Also I met a lot of awesome people during this weekend. I love the Book Blogger Community, everyone is so kind and helpful. It feels like a big family. Btw did you realise it too that (nearly?) all of us where females? I couldn’t really find any male blogger the whole weekend! Not that I have a problem with it I am just wondering! Is it because reading in general is something that more girls do than boys? Hm, this will keep me thinking a while longer I guess :).

So when it was time to call it an End I was in a kind of depressed mood for a bit. Not sure if it was because the fun weekend was over already or because I was mad at myself because I wasted it without doing a lot…

How was your Bloggiesta Weekend? Did you manage to do everything on your list? Or at least most? If yes, Congratulations, I am really proud of you! (and a little jealous :D)

All I have left to say now is Bye Bloggiesta, see you again in September for the next Weekend of Blogging Madness and Love spreading! Thank you Suey and Danielle for hosting this awesome Event!

Book Blogger Love-A-Thon: Mini-Challenge #1

So the first Mini-Challenge for the Love-A-Thon is to write a Love letter to the Book Bloggers who made you want to start Bookblogging. So here I go, trying my best.

Dear Story Siren and Reading with Tequila!

Story Siren, you amazed me with your blog the second I saw it. I was simply blown away. You had so many awesome books and the best MEME I found so far and I felt at home on your blog. (Omg this is going to be cheesier than I thought 😀 )

Reading with Tequila, you introduced me to Reading Challenges and the Progress Bars for these Challenges. So you are one of the reasons why I am addicted to Reading Challenges now :).

I am really glad, that I found both of your Blogs and the Youtube Channel of one of you (Story Siren).


Daisy Chain

The First NAF-Excursion

strawberry-chocolate-wafflesToday was a really nice day. I met with my friends from NAF and we had a really fun afternoon/evening. Oh, I forgot. You might wonder what NAF is. So I better go back a bit and explain what it is and how it all started.

So, it all started back in October last year. I was at a birthdayparty and met a lot of nice people there. Some of them I added on Facebook. Every once in a while we exchanged messages, commented statuses, etc. One funny thing about that was, no matter what status one of four of us wrote, in the end the comments were allways food and eating related and a huge amount of them. Once for example we wrote 80 comments just about joghurt. Haha, I know, we are crazy. But that’s what made it so funny.

So one day we had one of these food discussions on facebook again – this time about tiramisu – and someone said something like “oh, wouldn’t it be nice, to sample all the different kinds of tiramisu we all mentioned?”. And all of us were “Yes, why not?”. So I invited the three of them over to my place to make/bring tiramisu. During the planning we had the idea to give the evening a theme and because of the tiramisu we decided for “Italy”. So me and the only guy both made a different version of tiramisu and the other two girls brought pasta salad. I tried to decorate my room a bit italian style and everyone tried to dress italian. The evening was a lot of fun and during eating we had the idea to set up a group for that, or give it a name. So we created a facebook group named NAF. NAF stands for “nicht anonyme Fresssüchtige” what means in english something like “not anonymous food addicts”. Not anonymous because obviously you can’t do anything anonymously on facebook :D. So this was the birth of NAF and the first meeting. Since then we had a few already with different themes and we always had a blast and a ton of ideas for new meetings.

One of the ideas was “Summer-Christmas”. We plan it for end of August and it should be a lot of fun. So today we met to go to the Donauinsel (an island on the danube) where we plan to do the Summer-Christmas and look for a good spot to do. We were successfull!

After that we decided to go for our first NAF-Excursion that was a trip to the city hall because in front of it there is a huge place where at the moment are a lot of food stands who offer loads of different kinds of meals from a lot of different countries. This was perfect for NAF! So we went there and tried some of the delicious stuff they offered. Sadly the portions are small and expensive but it was still worth it.

After that we ended the evening by going to a Beach bar at the danube – which we shared with about 15 other people because it’s pretty cool today – and drank a cocktail.

Looking forward to the next meeting and Summer-Christmas!

picture taken by Gloria at the NAF-Excursion

Challenge 2.0, Day 15 – The Lazy Sunday

Day 15 of Challenge 2.0 was pretty uneventfull (again, I guess that is because my life is pretty uneventfull). I went to bed really late and slept long and had a headache most of the day (no, it wasn’t because of the pub visit yesterday) so I wasn’t very motivated to do a lot.

What I did was watching the movie Julie & Julia. It was nice and it was fun to see parallels between the movie and my life. Ok, they were very small, but it was still funny. The Movie was about a woman named Julie that had the idea to start a blog and write about cooking all recipies within one year of a cook book she has from Julia Child.

At the same time you see the story of Julia Child back when she was working on the cook book. Both stories are true stories. Julie made a book out of her blog and this was the basis for the movie. I guess I need an idea like that if I want to achieve that too :).

Also I watched Episode 5 of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution today. He is making progress towards his goal, it’s good to see that. If you want to sign his petition you can find a link on my blog here on the right.

Other than that I stayed up too long again so I better stop writing now. If you want to, you can post a comment about what you want to read in this blog, what you like and what you don’t like. It would help me, improve my blog.

I hope to see you here again on Day 16.

Picture by Robert Couse-Baker

Challenge 2.0, Day 13 – The Tiredness

Day 13 of Challenge 2.0 began really early at 7:30. Yes, I know that’s not THAT early normally. But I went to bed too late (yes, it’s my own fault) so that I had just 5 hours of sleep and I woke up a few times during these 5 hours (not my fault). For that I was pretty fit all day but I had a few moments (in class for example) where I had to fight against sleep.

After my first class and just before my second and third class I went for lunch with a really good friend of mine (I think I spoke about that last week already). I enjoy it a lot every time we meet for lunch (or anywhere else). We always have so much to talk about and it is so great fun everytime.

I haven’t done a Sports Active Workout today. I planned to do it right after I finish the post, but I’m so exhausted already that I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll just do the belly exercises when I’m in bed.

Tomorrow I’ll go see my mates fashion show (If you want to see it too: Mon Ami – Theobaldg. 9, 1060 Wien) and to a pub afterwards. Exciting! See you then at Day 14 (second week done!!).

Picture by ibm4381

Challenge 2.0, Day 8 – The Food Revolution Flash Mob

Day 8 of Challenge 2.0 today. It didn’t really happen much except that I realised around noon that a homework was due TODAY and panicked. I started it but couldn’t really motivate me to finish it. Now I’m still not done and have one hour left. I guess I won’t make it on time. Also I’m really tired already.

One reason why I am tire is, that I did a second Sports Active Workout today to finish two of my goals that were due today. So after the normal workout I did another step aerobic workout. That was fun but, as i said already, tiring.

I think I wrote about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution already yesterday a little, but I was in a hurry to go to a party, so I didn’t write much about it. (The party was by the way not really worth it, except that we watched Planet Terror what was nice. Wanted to see that movie for a while already.) So yesterday was the 3rd Episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and it seems that Jamie finally is making progress towards his ambitious goal. From the very beginning there was a radio dj of the local radio station who was totally against Jamie and his project. He wanted him gone. Last episode he had a bet running with Jamie that Jamie isn’t going to make it to teach 1000 people one healthy dish in one week. Jamie introduced him to some of his friends and people who have issues with obesity and at the end of the week the radio dj was Jamies 1000st person who learned a dish of him. I guess that’s called a success!

One thing Jamie also did was a Food Flash Mob. I really liked it and I couln’t get the song out of my head the whole day. Here you can watch the Flash Mob:

What do you think about that?

Today’s Summary:

  1. Drink 1.5 Liters of Water: done (~2 Liters already)
  2. Do Sports Active: done (2 Workouts!)
  3. Belly Exercises: done (incl. in the first Sports Active Workout)

That’s it for today. Going to sleep now. Uni starts again tomorrow. See you then at Day 9.

Picture by Sir. Mo