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Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge – Code Name: Pinterest

So I just finished my first Mini-Challenge right in time before I have to head to bed (Nearly forgot that I have a class tomorrow…uhm, today morning at 9 am, Whoops).

The first Challenge I did was Joyweesemoll’s Pinterest Challenge. It was a lot of fun even tho I couldn’t try EVERYTHING yet. Will look into this in more Detail tomorrow. But pinned the first few things already and I got really excited when I realised that Pinterest followed Nina Garcia for me. I love her at Project Runway!

So if you want to, you can  check out my brand new Pinterest Boards. I was having a hard time finding a nice Name because all the good ones where already taken or too long *sigh*. That’s what always happens to me.

But I really should have listened to people talking about Pinterest and should have read Joy’s post before signing up because….it really is addicting! 🙂

So one Task down, only a Million more to go!

Happy Bloggiesta!


The new Season of Project Runway

Cat watching TVFriday night started the first Episode of the 8th Season of Project Runway. I was so excited when I saw that it is back again. It is so interesting to watch and gives me so many ideas for myself and I think I even learned a little of it for my own sewing projects.

Basically it stayed as it was. Heidi Klum is again hosting the show, Tim Gun is on her side and Nina Garcia is back in the jury too. 17 new Designers are competing against each other for the first price to be able to launch their own fashion line. The first one of them is already out too. It was a cute girl with dreadlocks whos name I forgot. I don’t totally understand the jury’s decision because her dress was cute and compaired to the dress this other guy named Casanova made, it was much better. At least her model wasnt half naked on the runway. But yeah, it’s the judges who decide who wins and who loses. I’m still curious how the other designers will develop and what new challenges they will have.

This weeks challenge was, that everyone had to pick one piece of clothing out of their suitcases to incorporate it into a new outfit and then, after they chose – they had to pass it to the person who stood right next to the. You can imagine that this resulted in a few shocked faces :D. Some of the outfits looked nice, some worse and in the end one had to go. We will see who is next.

Now to something else. Just in case you didn’t already see it by yourself I want to tell you, that I am making good progress in my reading challenges since summer holidays started. Normally I update it right after I finished another book (otherwise I might forget about it and that would be bad) so it is pretty up to date.

Other than that I think I didn’t have a lot of progress lately on my life list. If I remember right, I just finished one more thing on it (finishing a cosplay costume and wear it to a convention).

My plans for the day and nutrition are still working out fine and I did some more sports. That’s it for today. Trying to do blogging more regularly again but not every day so maybe every 2-3 days.

Picture by cloudzilla