March Summary

First of all I have to apologize to everyone who follows my Blog via email. You have probably gotten a few strange emails yesterday. I was trying to install Windows Live Writer and it didn’t let me. Sorry for spamming your Inboxes, Guys!

I decided to do some kind of Summary from now on about the last Month. It could include stuff like the Books I read that Months, Challenge update, Reviews written and statistical numbers. I might split this in more than one Posts if it is getting too long. This might or might not change every month I will see how it goes and if I like it the way it is. As it is April already, this will be the Summary for March. If you want me to, I can do that for the past few months too and if we all like it, I might do it every Month from now on.


Books read:

NetGalley: 0
Library: 2
Bookshelf TBR: 0
Kindle TBR: 0
Total: 2

New Books:

via NetGalley: 26
via Library: 14
bought: 0
Total: 40

Books I had to return:

Library: 14

Total Books TBR:

(Beginning of Month / End of Month)

Bookshelf: 65/65
Kindle (excl. NetGalley): 121/121
NetGalley: 54/80
Library: 25/25
Total: 265/291

I’m not totally sure if all of these numbers are correct but I will go with that now. Too Difficult otherwise. Also I just realised that this Statistics are pretty depressing. Lol! I really should read a little quicker but I have to add that March was a really bad Month for reading. I was pretty stressed out and I did read a lot more the previous Months. I hope this will get better next month too.

The tremendous two Books I read in March are:

  1. Dash & Lily’s Winterwunder (Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares) by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan (4,5 Chocolate Hearts)
  2. Blogging Queen by Jutta Profijt (4 Chocolate Hearts)

Stuff I did on the Blog:

  1. I wrote a total of 8 Blogposts,
  2. participated in the Emerald City Blog Tour,
  3. had a Cover Reveal for Pretty Amy and
  4. participated in the Bloggiesta Event.

2 responses to “March Summary

  1. No worries Daisy – there were only three odd emails…all marked “Temporary” in German….LOL
    I like this post….guess which idea of yours I shall steal next!!! They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 🙂

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