Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge #3 – Code Name: Content

The sad thing is that I haven’t done a lot of blogging here compaired to a lot of other Bloggers and still I don’t really know what to write about. Most of the stuff I am not sure if it is apropriate anymore. In the Past, before I became a Book Blogger I just posted about my daily activities and stuff. But would people be annoyed to read something like this on a Book blog?

I just read through Emily’s Mini-Challgen over at Emily’s Reading Room. On a Sidenote: I looove her Blog design, it’s so cute! So when I read through the Challenge it made me think. And when I read that I had to come up with 10 Topics I started to sweat. So this will be a good Challenge as it is really challenging me. I first wasn’t sure if I should write them in the Post or just secretly for me but then I thought that I could maybe get some Feedback of what people would enjoy to read.

Let’s get started with the Topics:

*scratches her head*

  1. How I got a friend addicted to the Hunger Games
  2. Favourite Books from when I was a child
  3. Let me show you the Libraries in my Town!
  4. Cover Discussions: German vs. USA vs. GB Covers
  5. German Books I wish will be translated to English one day
  6. Goodies I found to make Reading even more fun
  7. Booktube find of the Week/Month
  8. What my Final Paper will be all about (+ Updates) (Hint: it has to do with books!)
  9. Books 4 Life
  10. Monthly Update on my Reading Challenges

Phew, all except no. 1 and maybe no. 9 could be Weekly/Monthly/Random Series. It really surprised me that I came up with so many I could make Series out of! And even if it took me a while to find the 10 Topics it didn’t take me as long as I thought and I made it. I am proud of myself! And now there is a small chance that I can maybe even make my goal of scheduling posts! Woho!

What do you think about the Topics? Would you want to read one/more/all of them?


8 responses to “Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge #3 – Code Name: Content

  1. purplemoonmyst

    I think your ideas of wonderful and I would love to read about them!

  2. Those are some good topics. I’d visit to read them. I need to think of some myself. I am taking part in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge in April, so I am challenging myself to come up with book topics.

  3. Definitely great topics! My suggestion is to plan them with a schedule as this usually makes it easier to keep on track and be consistent (even if you do certain posts only every other week).
    I totally love your idea number 5!! There are so many books I wish I could introduce people to on my blog, alas they’ve never been translated so … duh!
    And apropos 4 isn’t that some kind of meme? Or maybe not. I know that similar posts pop up on other blogs eg About Happy Books.
    Happy Bloggiesting ( or what ever you call it, hahaha)!

    • Not sure, if it is a meme but I remember that I saw posts about usa vs. gb but not with german (as most don’t have a connection with it). You can start doing no. 5 too, it’s not that there are not enough books for both of us, also you probably read different ones than me :). And yes, I am thinking about doing a schedule (not really sure how I would do it tho, but will think about it). Thanks for your Feedback!

  4. I don’t think there are ‘rules’ for book bloggers! 🙂 If you like to post about books AND other fun stuff in your life, go for it,
    Happy Bloggiesta-ing!

  5. That’s a great list! I’d read any of those posts. I especially like the BookTube and the Books 4 Life features.

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