Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge #2 – Code Name: Sidebars

I did my second Mini-Challenge. This time I tackled my Sidebars. Penelope @ The Reading Fever was hosting it. I read through her tips and figured that I am not THAT far off with what she was suggesting, so I was a little relieved. I can’t say that I’m done because there will probably happen a lot more during this weekend but at least it is now cleaned up a little. I got rid of an old Blogtour Banner, my Blogroll and the Tag Cloud (I bet noone is missing this one).

After I got rid of stuff I added some more. I finally updated my Perpetual Reading Challenge List but I am not sure if I should keep it or if it’s too crowded. In the past I had all my Reading Challenges this way but this Year these are way too many to List so I decided to do only the Perpetual ones which shouldn’t change too often.

What do you think? Do you like it? Do you hate it? I might keep it over the weekend and see if I am happy with it or not (and what kind of feedback I get). I have to think of something else for the Reading Challenges anyway, so will be busy around that for a while longer.

Here are two before Pictures:

Uper part of Blog before the Change

You can see the Banner I deleted on the left.

Lower Part of Blog before Change

The Blogroll and the Tags were at the right Sidebar.

One more thing to check off! Yay! Loads more to go!


8 responses to “Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge #2 – Code Name: Sidebars

  1. Great job! It looks very neat and user friendly. I need to tackle mine now.

  2. Ohhh I am JUST now realizing that bloggiesta is back 🙂 Writing my post in a bit and going off to sign up right now!! The before and after pictures are smart!

  3. The sidebars look good. I like the reading challenge bars since it’s something that is fun to watch over time. I think it would give a new visitor the notion that you’re going to be at this awhile and there will be new, interesting to things to see at this site.

  4. Your sidebars look great! And I love that you included before and after photos, so we can see the difference. For the record, I like your challenge bars as well. They’re not intrusive, but it’s a nice quick glance at how you’re getting along in your challenges. 🙂

  5. Oh man. I guess I was logging into my wrong account. My real blog is:


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