Bloggiesta Day 2 or How to Fail big Time

Bloggiesta Day 2It is day two already! Wow time flies by! Yesterday I needed most of the day to do other Stuff that had to be done before I could start Bloggiesta so I haven’t had a lot of time to do something before it was time to go to bed. So for the start of today I thought I could tell you a little how my day started because I haven’t had a very smooth start today.

Technically the Day started already before I went to bed because it was already 2 AM when I did so (Twitter during Bloggiesta is so mean!). Then at 6 AM the cat woke me – first by sticking her wet nose and her paws in my eyes and face and stomping all over me, then by finding out that she could get the cat goodies by throwing the box on the ground so that it opens. This resulted first in a loud noise, second in a cat munching cat snacks like a maniac and third me crawling out of bed, shouting at her and putting the snacks back in the box (and putting it on the highest shelf I could find).

The next time I woke up was at 8 AM when my alarm went off for the first time. It did that every ten minutes for the next two hours but I was way too tired to get up. This meant that I was already late for class, so I got up and went to the underground station and hopped on the train only to realise that the station where I had to switch trains was closed. Ok, so walking for one station –  at least that woke me up a little with the icy wind.

As soon as I sat in the second train I had a bag with an opened pack of chocolate dangeling right in front of my face – in smelling distance for my nose. I have to add that I challenged myself to not eat any sweets – especially chocolate during lent which ends next week so I am pretty desperate for chocolate at the moment. But eventually I finally reached uni and set there, wanting to go home and finally start my Bloggiesta Day.

So here I am. I am not sure yet if I will keep updating yesterday’s To-Do List (maybe with colour coding?) or write a new one so that it is better to read. Will decide that a little bit later. But I haven’t planned anything else for the weekend which means that I am not supposed to leave the house anymore for the rest of the weekend so I can fully concentrate on Bloggiesta-ing….. whatever :).

Oh I nearly forgot. Last thing I did last night was Mission “Pinterest” and when I came home earlier I couldn’t believe my eyes. So many people started following me already! Amazing! Thank you everyone, I am thrilled!

Have a nice Bloggiesta Day everyone!


4 responses to “Bloggiesta Day 2 or How to Fail big Time

  1. Well, that was quite a day. I was pleased to get to the bottom and see that at least Pinterest was a bright spot!

  2. forloveandbooks

    It’s amazing to me how great Bloggiesta has been for Pinterest *lol* So many new followers, new to follow, etc!! (Which I’m off to follow you now!!)

    I hope you get a lot accomplished tomorrow!

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

    • Yes it’s totally amazing! It will be weird when everything goes back to normal which isn’t normal for me as it was my first two days on

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