Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge – Code Name: Pinterest

So I just finished my first Mini-Challenge right in time before I have to head to bed (Nearly forgot that I have a class tomorrow…uhm, today morning at 9 am, Whoops).

The first Challenge I did was Joyweesemoll’s Pinterest Challenge. It was a lot of fun even tho I couldn’t try EVERYTHING yet. Will look into this in more Detail tomorrow. But pinned the first few things already and I got really excited when I realised that Pinterest followed Nina Garcia for me. I love her at Project Runway!

So if you want to, you can  check out my brand new Pinterest Boards. I was having a hard time finding a nice Name because all the good ones where already taken or too long *sigh*. That’s what always happens to me.

But I really should have listened to people talking about Pinterest and should have read Joy’s post before signing up because….it really is addicting! 🙂

So one Task down, only a Million more to go!

Happy Bloggiesta!


11 responses to “Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge – Code Name: Pinterest

  1. I love, love, love Pinterest!!! It is very addicting. I have had to limit my contact!! 🙂 I am checking out your boards now.

  2. Welcome to Pinterest! It’s such a fun site. I love being able to pin recipes and books, in particular, since it’s good to have a visual reference for them.

  3. Glad you had fun with the Pinterest challenge!

  4. Welcome to the addiction that is Pinterest. I’m @pussreboots there.

  5. Ah … Pinterest! Once you get started … well, let’s just say that I’ve signed up maybe two weeks ago and my boards are already awfully crammed *cough*.

  6. I just love pinterest 🙂 It brings me so much inspiration and it is a great place to store recipes for later reference. To me pinterest is like bookmarks with pictures 😉

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