Book Blogger Love-A-Thon: Challenge #3

What? It’s the last Challenge already? AWW 😦 I could have done that a while longer.

So in this Challenge we have to talk about our Book Blogging experience so far. So this is my Story (This sounds like the introduction to some kind of reality-tv show).

Starting my own blog was actually a new Years Resolution. Who would have thought that I would stick to it, at least not me! I have tried some stuff like this before but never sticked to it. So when I set up my wordpress blog I really wanted to make it this time. This was already at New Year 2009/10 so pretty long ago. Back then this wasn’t a Book Blog.

When I started, I wasn’t really sure about the direction I wanted to go. First I planned to do a blog about Fashion and Geekness. It then became more of a personal blog where I challenged myself or talked about my everyday life. After some time I found the Bookblogger Community and really liked it a lot so last year at New Year (do you have some kind of déjà vu? I do!) I decided to change the Blog to a Book Blog.

I then participated in the Bloggiesta, it’s an event mainly for Book Bloggers but also for others. It was a whole weekend filled with mini-challenges and stuff to improve your Blog. During this weekend I made the switch to the blog how it is today (more or less). But shortly after that… I kind of stopped doing Posts on my blog. I don’t really know why tho. I have a feeling that I might have put myself under too much pressure. I thought of “having to do” stuff constantly and my perfectionism got in the way. I didn’t abandon my blog totally tho because at least I was constantly updating my Reading Challenges and my List of Books I read.

So in December 2011 finally I decided to give it another go. But this time I decided to start slow. I decided to start just with one IMM post every sunday and if this became a habit I would try to add something else to it. So far it works out pretty well, I did not miss one week so far. One reason, that this time it seems to work out better is, that this time I somehow managed to get people to read my blog. Not a lot yet but slow and steady. Also I got introduced to NetGalley this time of the year which gave me a huge boost too. Also connecting through Goodreads did that, which I think I joined a little earlier already but slowly start to get into too.

What is still my biggest obstical is writing Reviews. If you look at my Blog closely you will see that I wrote only about 3 reviews or so. That’s not a lot. I have no idea why I am having such a hard time on doing them. Maybe the perfectionism again. But I promised myself to do it slow this time so I will see. Also I personally don’t like to read Reviews the most. I more like stuff like In my Mailbox or something like that. Another thing I have no idea where this comes from.

Lately I also started doing Videos on youtube because I wanted to try it and because I love watching them myself (not my own, the ones of others 🙂 ). I am just having a hard time with my Laptop at the moment, it keeps overheating. But I really want to go on with this as this is fun and there are so many Booktubers I adore!

So yes, that’s my story how I got into Bookblogging. I didn’t think this would become such a long wall of text. Thank you for reading that far.

Sending Love-A-thon Love to all of you!


10 responses to “Book Blogger Love-A-Thon: Challenge #3

  1. Great new years resolution!!! And I’ve only done one you’ve got me beat. Will have to check out the videos.

  2. That’s an interesting journey you went on there! No worries about the review side of things though! It can be really difficult and if you don’t feel like you’re doing the book justice it’s even harder to really get the words “on paper” (as it were). But blogging is an experience for YOU. If you don’t really want to write reviews, so what? 😀

    There are so many aspects of the blogging (especially book blogging) that I love, and reviewing isn’t the only one! Have you thought about maybe doing a book spotlight? Maybe once a fortnight, or once a month? Just highlight a book you loved and say why and maybe encourage others to pick it up to? Sometimes that is much better than a lengthy review!

    Hope to see more from you in the blogosphere! 😀


    • This sounds like a good idea. Was thinking about options like this already. Or maybe doing just short reviews like a Monthly summary or something like that. I just feel like I “have to” do reviews. Peer pressure I guess :). But thank you so much for your kind words!

      • Don’t give in to peer pressure! 😀
        I mean, another idea to pursue could be guest reviewers? That way you’re blog would still have the odd review here and there but not written by you?

        And sometimes short reviews are just as powerful as longer ones!

        Your welcome 🙂
        Whatever you decide, know that you have a follower in me and I can’t wait to see what direction you take this blog to! Just remember to perserveer! (sp?) Don’t give up, it’s worth all the hard work in the end 😀

  3. I think it is awesome that your blog started out as a resolution! It will get easier as time goes on to come up with more posts whether they are memes or your own original content! Until then, be proud of all the work that you do!

  4. I think it’s cool that you started your blog as a New Year’s Resolution. So many people don’t stick with theirs (*cough me cough*), so you deserve a round of applause!

    Happy blog love-a-thon! =)

  5. I think blogging is a TOTALLY personal thing and you are doing the right thing, posting what you want and how and when you want! No two blogs should be the same and I’ve noticed when I put myself under pressure to do things like others have – it fails. And I hate it. lol! Keep it up! 🙂

  6. So glad you’ll be doing Bloggiesta again! 🙂

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