Goals for 2012

The New Year has begun and I can’t resist to set goals for the upcoming year. I know there are some people who tell me that this goals will be gone in a few weeks anyway but I think it is better to have a goal to work towards than to float in a dark mist. (Not that we all do that anyway *looks out of the window* at least until spring). So here are a few Blogging Goals I thought of:

  • Read at least 52 Books (one Book a Week)
  • Finish at least 75% of my Reading Challenges (this will be a tough one as I went totally crazy about the Challenges this year)
  • Write Reviews more regularly of at least 50% of the Books I read
  • Start putting Reviews on Goodreads
  • Be brave enough to start making Video-Reviews on Youtube
  • Reach 100 Subscribers
  • Get my first ARC/NetGalley Book or similar
  • Reach 100 Facebook Likes

That’s it for now. I think that will keep me busy already. If I can think of anything else later, I will update this post.

Maybe you want to tell me your goals? Or suggest anything for mine?


4 responses to “Goals for 2012

  1. I have subscribed to you in a reader and will head over to Fb and like you there. I hope this helps.
    My friend Van is starting a once a week goal check in link party which will also draw traffic back here to your site. If you’d like her link, please come see my post.
    Happy New Year and all the best for your goals


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