Review: M.J. Holliday #1 and #2 by Victoria Laurie

M.J. Holliday #1: Rendezvous um Mitternacht (What's a ghoul to do?)

Title: M.J. Holliday #1: Rendezvous um Mitternacht
Original Title: What’s a ghoul to do?
Author: Victoria Laurie
Pages: 317
Source: Library
Language: German
Published: 2010 (Original: 2007)
Publisher: LYX Egmont
ISBN: 9783802582806

Goodreads Summary :

M.J., her partner Gilley, and their client, the wealthy, de-lish Dr. Steven Sable, are at his family’s lodge, where his grandfather allegedly jumped to his death from the roof-although Sable says it was foul play. But the patriarch’s isn’t the only ghost around. The place is lousy with souls, all with something to get off their ghoulish chests. Now M.J. will have to to quell the clamor-and listen for a voice with the answers… | | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository

Title: M.J. Holliday #2: Gespenster küsst man nicht
Original Title: Demons are a ghoul’s Best Friend
Author: Victoria Laurie
Pages: 312
Source: Library
Language: German
Published: 2010 (Original: 2008)
Publisher: LYX Egmont
ISBN: 9783802582790

Goodreads Summary :

Northelm Boarding School on Lake Placid has the worst bully of all-a demon by the name of Hatchet Jack. M.J. Holliday, along with her partners Gilley and the handsome Dr. Steven Sable, are ready to send him back to the portal from whence he came. The school’s summer construction, an uncooperative dean, and the very tempting Dr. Delicious are all trying to distract M.J. from her ghost hunting. But with a demonic disturbance as great as Hatchet Jack, she must focus and show no mercyto send him to detention for an eternity-in hell. | | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository

My Thoughts:

I read this first two books of the series a few weeks ago and decided to put it in one Review together because what I have to say fits for both of them. First of all, I like the Story  and the Topic of this Series. Also I like the main Character M.J. Holiday and I love her sense of humour. That’s right up my Alley. It made me laugh out loud a few times (and my bf stare at me). There are more things in the books that I like. I also like M.J.’s cute gay best friend with all his problems and crushes and stuff and I ADORE  her feathery little friend. If this parrot would really exist I would be the first to adopt him, even tho he can make you feel ashamed really badly.

There is just one thing I wasn’t really sure if this was a good or a bad thing. There is this romancy little sidestory but it’s never really working out.. I had a few moments while reading the books when I thought “Gosh, make out at last, dammit!” :D. Maybe I’m just to used to it that main characters always get the man/woman of her desire.

All in all I really enjoyed the Books and am looking forward to read the next ones in the Series.

Cover: The Covers look nice, and the books held what the Covers promised.

Rating: 4.5 Chocolate Hearts

Rating 4.5

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3 responses to “Review: M.J. Holliday #1 and #2 by Victoria Laurie

  1. love your blog, keep going those posts 🙂


  2. Lovely review. And I love the format you use. So much information, but it’s well organized. And your chocolate heart ratings! Adorable.

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