The Bloggiesta – Finish Line

It’s late and I am tired and there are only a few official hours left anyway so I end it here now. I had a blast during this whole Bloggiesta experience and will definitely try to do it the next time again.

8 Things why it was the best idea ever to sign up for the Bloggiesta (random order):

  1. I found so many cool new Book Blogs.
  2. I got the most hits on my Blog since the Blog exists.
  3. The Blog looks way better now and a lot more personal even tho it is still not perfect.
  4. I found motivation to restart the Blog after a few months of neglecting.
  5. For the first time I felt connected to the world through my Blog (the world = other people than my friends)
  6. I didn’t feel alone while sitting in front of my Laptop.
  7. I learned so many new things.
  8. I got so many new ideas and inspirations for my Blog.

Mini-Challenges I completed:

  1. “10 Things Bloggers shouldn’t do” by Hannah at WordLily (@Wordlily)
  2. “Google Forms” by Jen from Devourer of Books (@DevourerofBooks)
  3. “back up your blog” by Jackie from Farm Lane Books (@farmlanebooks)
  4. “setting goals” by Amy from My Friend Amy (@myfriendamy)
  5. “Buttons and Banners” by Callista at SMS Book Reviews (@callista83)
  6. “Email best practices and solutions”Trish at Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’? (@trishheylady)
  7. “Mr. Linky” by Jennifer at Teach Mentor Texts (@mentortexts)

My Blog got:

  • A new Name
  • A new Header-Image
  • New Reading Challenges
  • Cleaned up
  • One more Sidebar
  • Rearranged menues
  • Hits!

Total time spent: about 23 hours.


  • finished reading Die Bücherdiebin (The Book Thief) by Markus
  • Got followers on Twitter
  • Follow a few more people on Twitter
  • Expanded my List of Book Blogs I will follow

So all in all I think this was a really interesting experience and a fun weekend! Can’t wait for the next Bloggiesta. I miss you guys already!

3 responses to “The Bloggiesta – Finish Line

  1. Congratulations on doing so much – you did really well, plus your blog looks great. And it sounds like you’re happy with your achievements, which is the most imporatant thing. 🙂

  2. I don’t know, how your blog was before, but this lay out looks really clean ! I like clean , simple lines . Good job !

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