The Third and Fourth Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: “back up your blog” and “setting goals”

#12 - GoalsSo I did another Mini-Challenge earlier. It was “back up your blog” by Jackie from Farm Lane Books (@farmlanebooks).

As this was basically just a little reading and pressing one buttin I didn’t write a blog post of it’s own for this but thought I should leave at least a note somehwere what I have done now.

The next Mini-Challenge I want to do now is “setting goals” by Amy from My Friend Amy (@myfriendamy). I’m a little afraid of this as I am really bad at stuff like this, but I will give it a try. Stuff like this needs to be done and is very helpful.

So my first goal is to find back in some kind of habit or routine to write posts regularly again. I should aim for daily as it is easier for me to do something every day than with a break in between. Just maybe I won’t publish them every day but every 2 or 3 days, so I should build up some kind of pillow if I don’t have the time to blog or something like that somewhere in the Future.

My second goal is to move my Blog to my own Webspace and get my own domain name for it. This will take some time longer for me but I hope it will be done by the end of next Semester which is end of June. This will make me being able to include a nice goodreads flash-bookcase in my sidbar, embed google forms and other nice stuff. Really looking forward to this.

My third goal is to make the Blog prettier. Already started working on this during Bloggiesta and will go on working on this during this weekend and hopefully have a decent result by the end of Bloggiesta tomorrow.

My fourth goal is to find a new or the first real direction for my blog. Was swimming through ideas the last year and was not able to find a topic that matches all my interests. This includes also a new name for my blog. I already had an idea for that earlier so this might be done by today or tomorrow. Exciting!

My fifth goal (wow, didn’t think that I could think of that many goals) is to get more readers especially a) regular ones and b) ones I don’t know in person. What I will need (to improve) for this: Promote my blog more, new content on a regular basis and a lot of the stuff I thought about already in my first Mini-Challenge “10 Things bloggers should not do”.

picture by JohnONolan.

One response to “The Third and Fourth Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: “back up your blog” and “setting goals”

  1. Lots of great goals and progress already! Keep it up!

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