The Second Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: “Google Forms”

I was really looking forward to this Challenge as it sounded fun and I so wanted one of these fancy Google Forms on my Blog.

So I followed through every step of the really nice Introduction of Jen from Devourer of Books just to find out in the end that I can’t embed it into my not self-hosted WordPress Blog the way I wanted to do it. D’oh!

At least I can still use it, only not in the fashionable way, so here it is:

Klick me to see the precious Google Form I just created.

I plan to change to self-hosted WordPress for a while already and just got another reason why I really want to do this.

Happy Bloggiesta to all of you!


2 responses to “The Second Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: “Google Forms”

  1. Jen - Devourer of Books

    Yeah, it is a big bummer that doesn’t play nicely with forms, but now you know how to do everything when you get your self-hosting. Plus, you still had a very lovely form (and I like the way you changed your confirmation).

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