The First Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: “10 Things Bloggers should not do”

So now that I am warmed up it’s time to do the first Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge. I decided for: 10 things bloggers should not do by Hannah at WordLily (@Wordlily)

First Step: Read the Blogpost about 10 Things Bloggers Should NOT Do. – DONE

Second and Third Step: Rate yourself (1-5, 5 is the best) and brainstorm about what to do better. – So Let’s go and do this:

1. You Must Not Expect Results Overnight: Rating: 4. – I think I am aware of the fact, that Results won’t happen over night but I still hoped it would at least happen a little bit faster or steadier. Probably it is not happening because of the other things I should not do. I better check them out now.

2. You Must Not Ignore Your Readers: Rating: 3. – So I try not to Ignore them but it probably has happened as I am not totally sure how to listen to them (correctly). Will have to think about it but have no idea how to change that yet.

3. You Must Not Scrape Another Bloggers Content: Rating: 5. – I write my content myself I don’t need to steal of others. I’m even scared of doing this by mistake or something like that and always write down names if I use a picture or something like that.

4. You Must Not Expect Success Without Promoting: Rating: 2. – I did a little bit of promoting but obviously way to little. Will have to use twitter and facebook more often and find other sources like comments on other Blogs.

5. You Must Not Be Another Blogger: Rating: 5. – I believe that I am myself, at least most of the time.

6. You Must Not Fail To Update Your Blog Regularly: Rating: 1. – A few months ago I would have written 5 here, as I was updating my blog nearly every day but then I stopped and haven’t written anything for the past 5 months or so. This has to change! I need to go back to my old habit.

7. You Must Not Ignore SEO: Rating: 1. – I haven’t really informed myself very well about this. Will have to read some more stuff about SEO’ing and improve in this. I just have a rough idea about all that.

8. You Must Not Ignore Networking: Rating: 3. – I do a little bit of Networking but I guess not enough of it. I am always in fear to spam people or to annoy them. Should get over this.

9. You Must Not Have An Unreadable/Unnavigable Site:  Rating: 5. – I believe that my Blog looks pretty ok. Not over the top (yet) but I believe people find what they are searching for. At least I always try to focus on that. (Also improved the site about that just this morning during the Bloggiesta)

10. You Must Not Throw Mud Around: Rating: 5. – I am way to nice to do this! I couldn’t even do if I wanted. Except maybe someone would be really mean to me.

There would be a fourth step where you can write down what you did especially great and give Tips about it but unfortunately I’m not at that Level so far.

Result: Even tho I have my blog for over a year now (wow time flew by) I am still a newbie about blogging. At least I am aware of that and try to improve. This Mini-Challenged already helped to find out where to start!


9 responses to “The First Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: “10 Things Bloggers should not do”

  1. Sounds like you know some things to work on, at least! 😀

  2. I’m really scared to rate myself on the updating regularly one. I think I wrote 2 posts in all of December and January? *gulp* Great job getting this mini-challenge done!

  3. Nice evaluation of your blog and a great mini-challenge! Have fun with the rest of Bloggiesta! I’ve got to get to this challenge this weekend myself!

  4. Great job with this mini-challenge. It’s always great to evaluate how you are doing. I for one, need to work on updating my blog more often.

  5. This is a great challenge and you did well! We all have stuff to work on and knowing specific areas to work on is a huge part of improving!

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