The Bloggiesta

Long time no see!

I was pretty busy lately but now with the new year I am back. As I want to pimp my blog and give it a kick-re-start I decided to join the Bloggiesta.

The Bloggiesta is some kind of Challenge that runs from today until Sunday the 23rd and basically is hardcore working on your blog, including some mini challenges.

This is my Startpost to show everyone that I am in for it! Looking forward to what will happen this weekend!

If you want to read more about the Bloggiesta or if you want to join yourself, you can find it here.

So roll up your sleves and get started! Ready, set, go!

I will edit this post as I go and add what I have done or plan to do (atm I don’t really have a plan yet but hopefully  I will have one soon).

What I did:

  • Created new Categories for Reading Challenges and rearrange 2010 Reading Challenges
  • Split up the 1001 List in a List and a Challenge Post
  • Changed the Design of my Theme to two Sidebars and rearranged Stuff
  • Created a Page for the 2011 Reading Challenges and sort existing ones in
  • Created a Page for Perpetual Reading Challenges and sort existing ones in
  • Threw Reading Challenges out of my Life List and created a better option for Reading Challenges
  • Checked out the Blogging Tips Forum and a few of the Mini-Challenges while having Lunch
  • Mini-Challenge #1: “10 Things Bloggers shouldn’t do” by Hannah at WordLily (@Wordlily) completed. Post about it is here.
  • Cleaned up the Progress Bars of Reading Challenges that have ended already and added dates to the remaining.
  • Signed up for 2 new Reading Challenges and create Pages for them
  • Signed up for 4 new Reading Challenges after Theatre break.

What I plan to do during Bloggiesta:

  • Sign up for 2011 Reading Challenges and create Pages for them
  • Do Mini-Challenges
  • Create an Image for my Header
  • Do something with the Background
  • Clean up the mess at the Progress Bars for the Challenges
  • Find a better Name for my Blog
  • Do my first review(s)

Spent a total of 7 hours today on working on my blog on day 1. If you want to see what I did on day 2 click here.


4 responses to “The Bloggiesta

  1. Wow, you’re really making a dent with your list. Go, go go!!

  2. You have already got a lot accomplished. Fantastic! Thanks for joining the Bloggiesta, I hope you continue your momentum.

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