The next attempt of planning

PlanSo, two days ago I made a mistake. I felt like I gained weight and I stepped on the scale – and I was right! Argh! So immediately after I got over the first shock I started with a sports active workout.

Before that, I already decided to change a little in my life because when my summer holidays started, I first was totally stressed out. I wanted to be done with my costumes for the first two conventions on time (I’m planning on writing something about them in a later post). After that I felt a big relief and did hardly anything except sitting in front of the pc and sleeping really long. But now im already nearly a month into the holidays and I finally decided that it’s time to change it and to give the days a bit more  meaning again. So I started a new attempt of planning my life.

It worked out pretty fine already in my holidays in february so I thought I give it another try. First I made a plan to structure my day and then I made a plan for my nutrition as I realised, that I either ate out (what is unhealty and expensive) or ate nearly the same every day.  Also there was the scale-problem I talked about above. Ok, it’s not that I gained a ton or so, but I don’t feel good with it. And no, I’m not in danger for an eating disorder or something like that.

So the last two days I lived my life after my plans and so far it works out pretty well. I’m not going 100% strictly after the plans (that wouldn’t be possible anyway) but all in all with little adjustments on the way it works.

One good thing about the plan is, that I can see in the evening what I accomplished during the day.  That motivates me and makes me feel proud. And I get more of the stuff that interests me and I want to do in one day (and I have LOADS of interests). Because of the plan my room looks cleaner, I ate healthy, I learned a little bit more Java, I started thinking about an idea for a Fanart, searched for a job and started a new music related project. The project consists of 2 guitar-learning-books I got from the library yesterday and a guitar I borrowed from my flatmate. I also practiced already twice. It’s exciting, I just hope that my fingers will soon build some horny skin because at the moment it hurts a little. But I guess thats the price you have to pay if you want to learn the guitar. I’m curious how long I will stick to it.

I am thinking about if I should pack this in a new Challenge or if I should look how it goes first… I will see. I first let it sit for a bit – oh, that rhymes and what rhymes is good! (That’s an insider for all german speaking people – you know who said that?)

I will not bother you with further details of my plans except you want to know anything more. In that case just ask me in the comments below!

picture by orangeacid


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