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The next attempt of planning

PlanSo, two days ago I made a mistake. I felt like I gained weight and I stepped on the scale – and I was right! Argh! So immediately after I got over the first shock I started with a sports active workout.

Before that, I already decided to change a little in my life because when my summer holidays started, I first was totally stressed out. I wanted to be done with my costumes for the first two conventions on time (I’m planning on writing something about them in a later post). After that I felt a big relief and did hardly anything except sitting in front of the pc and sleeping really long. But now im already nearly a month into the holidays and I finally decided that it’s time to change it and to give the days a bit more  meaning again. So I started a new attempt of planning my life.

It worked out pretty fine already in my holidays in february so I thought I give it another try. First I made a plan to structure my day and then I made a plan for my nutrition as I realised, that I either ate out (what is unhealty and expensive) or ate nearly the same every day.  Also there was the scale-problem I talked about above. Ok, it’s not that I gained a ton or so, but I don’t feel good with it. And no, I’m not in danger for an eating disorder or something like that.

So the last two days I lived my life after my plans and so far it works out pretty well. I’m not going 100% strictly after the plans (that wouldn’t be possible anyway) but all in all with little adjustments on the way it works.

One good thing about the plan is, that I can see in the evening what I accomplished during the day.  That motivates me and makes me feel proud. And I get more of the stuff that interests me and I want to do in one day (and I have LOADS of interests). Because of the plan my room looks cleaner, I ate healthy, I learned a little bit more Java, I started thinking about an idea for a Fanart, searched for a job and started a new music related project. The project consists of 2 guitar-learning-books I got from the library yesterday and a guitar I borrowed from my flatmate. I also practiced already twice. It’s exciting, I just hope that my fingers will soon build some horny skin because at the moment it hurts a little. But I guess thats the price you have to pay if you want to learn the guitar. I’m curious how long I will stick to it.

I am thinking about if I should pack this in a new Challenge or if I should look how it goes first… I will see. I first let it sit for a bit – oh, that rhymes and what rhymes is good! (That’s an insider for all german speaking people – you know who said that?)

I will not bother you with further details of my plans except you want to know anything more. In that case just ask me in the comments below!

picture by orangeacid


The First NAF-Excursion

strawberry-chocolate-wafflesToday was a really nice day. I met with my friends from NAF and we had a really fun afternoon/evening. Oh, I forgot. You might wonder what NAF is. So I better go back a bit and explain what it is and how it all started.

So, it all started back in October last year. I was at a birthdayparty and met a lot of nice people there. Some of them I added on Facebook. Every once in a while we exchanged messages, commented statuses, etc. One funny thing about that was, no matter what status one of four of us wrote, in the end the comments were allways food and eating related and a huge amount of them. Once for example we wrote 80 comments just about joghurt. Haha, I know, we are crazy. But that’s what made it so funny.

So one day we had one of these food discussions on facebook again – this time about tiramisu – and someone said something like “oh, wouldn’t it be nice, to sample all the different kinds of tiramisu we all mentioned?”. And all of us were “Yes, why not?”. So I invited the three of them over to my place to make/bring tiramisu. During the planning we had the idea to give the evening a theme and because of the tiramisu we decided for “Italy”. So me and the only guy both made a different version of tiramisu and the other two girls brought pasta salad. I tried to decorate my room a bit italian style and everyone tried to dress italian. The evening was a lot of fun and during eating we had the idea to set up a group for that, or give it a name. So we created a facebook group named NAF. NAF stands for “nicht anonyme Fresssüchtige” what means in english something like “not anonymous food addicts”. Not anonymous because obviously you can’t do anything anonymously on facebook :D. So this was the birth of NAF and the first meeting. Since then we had a few already with different themes and we always had a blast and a ton of ideas for new meetings.

One of the ideas was “Summer-Christmas”. We plan it for end of August and it should be a lot of fun. So today we met to go to the Donauinsel (an island on the danube) where we plan to do the Summer-Christmas and look for a good spot to do. We were successfull!

After that we decided to go for our first NAF-Excursion that was a trip to the city hall because in front of it there is a huge place where at the moment are a lot of food stands who offer loads of different kinds of meals from a lot of different countries. This was perfect for NAF! So we went there and tried some of the delicious stuff they offered. Sadly the portions are small and expensive but it was still worth it.

After that we ended the evening by going to a Beach bar at the danube – which we shared with about 15 other people because it’s pretty cool today – and drank a cocktail.

Looking forward to the next meeting and Summer-Christmas!

picture taken by Gloria at the NAF-Excursion