Challenge 2.0 Day 21 – The Casting

CastingAt Day 21 of Challenge 2.0 the big Casting for “Austrias next top flatmate” started. About 8 people looked at the flat and the room, 3 didn’t show up, 3 were here already the last few days and one braught Amaretto sours. We didn’t really know how to decide, we even thought about doing like in the lottery.

But then a friend of mine told me, that he will be playing with a band in the evening at a cafe and I wanted to listen to it. So I asked my flatmate if she wants to join and we went there. At the cafe we finally decided who we want to have as our new flatmate. Hopefully he wants still to be ours too.

The band with my friend was really nice, also the other two bands after them rocked the house. I took a few pictures and stuff but as it is REALLY late now and I’m close to falling into a coma I’ll skip it until tomorrow to tell you the details. So better come back tomorrow at Day 22.

Picture by Phil Sexton


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