Challenge 2.0, Day 20 – The Synopses

make it work cookieDay 20 of Challenge 2.0 already. I am moving forward. Last night I was scared of today because I thought I will be terribly tired. But I felt surprisingly good today. I was a bit tired but after a short nap around noon I felt good again until now.

In the morning we had the screenplay writing class again and discussed some of the synopses we had to write. Was pretty interesting. We will discuss mine next week. I’m a bit afraid of that, I hope they don’t hate it. My film idea is pretty geeky. I’ll tell you somewhere in the future what it’s all about.

Other than that I watched the finale of season 7 of project runway today. It’s always exciting to see with what collections the finalists come up with at new york fashion week. And it is also interesting what the judges love about them. I’m just glad they chose my favourite designer (Seth Aaron) as the winner. He always did the best, coolest, most creative, most awesome pieces. He has totally the style I like.

Ok, tomorrow we have our big “Casting” for “Austrias next top flatmate” 😀 so I better stop now and head to bed. I hope to see you tomorrow with Day 21 and maybe already with a decision for a new flatmate – exciting!

Picture by buba69


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