Challenge 2.0, Day 19 – The Movies and the Pub

Day 19 of Challenge 2.0 started later than I planned (again) and wasn’t as productive as I hoped but at least it was relaxed. I did my Sports Active Workout and in the afternoon there looked a guy at our free room and then I went to Uni. There we had 3 presentations today and they all were pretty boring. Not just because the people didn’t do well. Two of the groups did well I think, but the topics aren’t that spectacular to create excitement. The third one was held by only one girl that was searching for pdf documents and opening them constantly during the presentation. It was painfull to watch.

In the evening I went to the cinema and watched Shutter Island. It was pretty nice and you were constantly thinking about what was going on (in a good way). Just a few parts of it were a little bit too long-winded. After that we went to a Pub what was fun too.

And as I already said, that I wasn’t productive during the day I had to write my homework for tomorrow after all that. Yes, I know. It’s my own fault. But nevertheless, I did it – and now I am really tired. So see you tomorrow at Day 20 (wow, time flies by!).


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