Challenge 2.0, Day 18 – The Running rehearsal

Day 18 of Challenge 2.0 consisted mostly of waiting. It was planned that two girls are coming to see the room we have for rent around 2 pm but neither of them came on time so we spent most of the afternoon waiting. But both came and both were nice girls. We also posted an announcement that will be online tomorrow. Let’s see how much response we get with that.

After the second girl left I went to meet with my good friend to go running again. And Again we had a blast AND we ran 4 km! We are improving. I’m so proud of us! After running I was tired but not totally exhausted. Just my knees hurt a bit again but I guess that’s normal. When I was home I was starving and had to cook immediately.

My other flatmate is a girl from bavaria, so her “duty” was it to watch the football (or some of you would call it soccer) game Bayern München vs. Olympic Lyon. The funny thing was, that when we switched on the TV they had already played 66 minutes without a goal. Two minutes later Bayern München shot a goal :D. As if they were waiting for us to watch.

That’s all for today. I hope to see you again tomorrow on Day 19.

Picture by stevendepolo


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