Challenge 2.0, Day 17 – The Peter Pan Presentation

Day 17 of Challenge 2.0 was halfway filled with Pan(ic). I got up in the morning and revised the stuff for my presentation. First I felt ok but the closer it came the more I turned into a nervous wreck. When we sat in the classroom waiting for the teacher to come in I was close to hyperventilating. But when he arrived and started talking, this suddenly disappeared. I have no idea why. This worried me even more because it felt like my brain shut down. I feared that I wasn’t remembering anything of what I wanted to say.

But then it was our turn and my two mates spoke their parts first and then it was my turn. Personally I thought that I just said nonsense but everyone else was telling me afterwards that it was  fine. It was a big relief when it was over. But now I am kind of looking forward to the paper we have to write in the end about it as the topic cought me and I want to find out more about it.

In the afternoon I didn’t do a lot except watching videos on Youtube and stuff. I also found a Song there that was (and still is) stuck in my head. Also I like the video and the singer is so cute. I love her. Besides she is a geek too <3. She likes Comics and plays World of Warcraft (Yes, I know. A few of you will hate me or her now, but I don’t mind). Here is the video so that you can see what I am talking about:

Other than that I decided for a topic for Algorithms and Data Structures today. I’ll have a test about that next week. After I chose it, I looked at the lecture material and the incredible happened. I understood my topic! Woho! I’m really proud of myself. In case you are interested, the topic I chose is “extendible hashing with selection sort”.

Additionally I was glad that I registered for the Women’s run already some time ago because today I got an email that it’s sold out! 21.100 Women registered for it! That’s a new record and it happened much quicker than anybody expected. I’m excited!

Tomorrow two girls will come to see the room we soon have available for rent. I’m curious about them. If you are looking for a room in a shared flat or know someone who does you can contact me anytime. I’ll tell you tomorrow how it went. So check back on Day 18!

Picture by Ethan Hein


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