Challenge 2.0, Day 16 – The Peter Pan Syndrom

Day 16 of Challenge 2.0. I did again no Sports Active. I tried all day to motivate myself to do some work for my presentation tomorrow and managed to do it half an hour ago. At least I realised that my part of the presentation is interesting. I have to compare the movie The Lost Boys (a vampire movie of 1987) with Peter Pan and the God Pan. Interestingly there are surprisingly many of connections between these. I wouldn’t have thought that beforehand. Hopefully I can talk long enough about all that tomorrow and in a way that all the people outside my head understand it too.

During research for that I also found the Peter Pan Syndrom. It is for men who don’t want to grow up. It seems that this is actual an illness. I think at least one of my ex’s is a possible candidate for this one.

Today morning I had my english class again. Again with a presentation but this one was much better than the one last week. Also the woman from last weeks presentation wasn’t around at all and it suddenly was much more quiet during class. That was nice.

In the evening I was supposed to have another class but the teacher was stuck in London caused by the volcano ash cloud so there was no class today. More time for me to work on my presentation….NOT.

I better go to bed now and sleep a night over my presentation and polish it tomorrow morning. See you at Day 17 (hopefully).

Picture by tipoyock


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