Challenge 2.0, Day 15 – The Lazy Sunday

Day 15 of Challenge 2.0 was pretty uneventfull (again, I guess that is because my life is pretty uneventfull). I went to bed really late and slept long and had a headache most of the day (no, it wasn’t because of the pub visit yesterday) so I wasn’t very motivated to do a lot.

What I did was watching the movie Julie & Julia. It was nice and it was fun to see parallels between the movie and my life. Ok, they were very small, but it was still funny. The Movie was about a woman named Julie that had the idea to start a blog and write about cooking all recipies within one year of a cook book she has from Julia Child.

At the same time you see the story of Julia Child back when she was working on the cook book. Both stories are true stories. Julie made a book out of her blog and this was the basis for the movie. I guess I need an idea like that if I want to achieve that too :).

Also I watched Episode 5 of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution today. He is making progress towards his goal, it’s good to see that. If you want to sign his petition you can find a link on my blog here on the right.

Other than that I stayed up too long again so I better stop writing now. If you want to, you can post a comment about what you want to read in this blog, what you like and what you don’t like. It would help me, improve my blog.

I hope to see you here again on Day 16.

Picture by Robert Couse-Baker


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