Challenge 2.0, Day 11 – The Last Time at the Studio

Day 11 of Challenge 2.0 today. Today didn’t happen a lot. I worked at the studio for the last time. So if anybody of you planned to visit me there – it’s too late now. The next few days we are packing our stuff and bring it back home.

Man, my room will look like it was hit by a hurricane when I have all my stuff back in. But also I am looking forward to it. I will have my sewing machine back home and all my fabrics and other stuff, so if I feel creative I can start sewing right away. No matter what day or time it is and without being watched by someone or having to freeze or starve. This will be great. Also I will finally be able to finish my cosplay costumes. I could have done in the studio too but, somehow, I didn’t feel like it there. I need some peace to do that I guess.

My poor mate is sitting in her room for the last few days and sewing all day as she is doing a fashion show on saturday with a few other labels and working her …uhm…. she is working a lot! So if you want to see what she did, come to the fashion show on Saturday, April 17th  at the Mon Ami (Theobaldg. 9, 1060 Wien).

Other than that I watched another episode of the biggest loser earlier. It wasn’t very spectacular this time but in a strange way it still motivates to do more sport. The weather outside is still cold and ugly, hopefully it will get better soon and then I might try to go for a run alone for the first time. I’m still a bit scared but I really want to try.

Oh I just remembered something else I did while I was at the studio. Today I didn’t bring my laptop as I used to do but a book, I want and need to read and managed to read about 180 pages of it. That’s a nice progress. It seems that I finally get my reading challenges going.

That’s it for today. See you at Day 12.

Picture by Mikael Miettinen


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