Challenge 2.0, Day 10 – The Addiction Development

Challenge 2.0 Day 10. I’m in the two-digits, woho! :).  Today morning I tried to write that homework I spoke about yesterday again and I managed to get something on paper. I wouldn’t say it’s good but at least I had something to hand hin.

When I went home I got some fresh vegetables from the grocery store and cooked a delicious meal with vegetables and fish and egg noodles. Yummie! I’m gonna make something like that more often.

In the evening I went to another class (algorithms and data structures – for the geeks among us) where I found a little hope that I understood what I am supposed to do later in the semester. That feels good. Just not sure how well it really will turn out in the end.

When I was back home I did todays Sports Active Workout which included Belly exercises already. After that I found something on the web that made me think that I might be developing a new addiction at the moment. The thing I found was the Vampire Series Challenge. One more Reading Challenge. To make the long story short – yes, I joined. I must be crazy. I think I’m addicted to Reading Challenges. But this one is soo awesome so I HAD to join. Is there a group for anonymous reading challenge addicts anywhere?

Other than that I saw a few joggers when I went to the last class and felt a bit guilty that I wasn’t running. But we also have really bad, rainy weather at the moment. Someone told me today, that it is going to be better at the end of the week. Then I’ll go running, I promise (to myself).

At the end of the day I played a few hands at Poker on Facebook with a friend. That was fun.

Ok, it’s late already (again) and I am tired, so I say Goodbye for today. See you at Day 11.

Picture by rick


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