Challenge 2.0, Day 9 – The Writers Block

Day 9 of Challenge 2.0 today and I pretty much wasted it :(. I should have done a homework I was looking forward to do but when I sat down my head was suddenly empty. Nothing was there, no Idea popped into my head. It is due tomorrow, so I try it again tomorrow morning. Maybe my head works it out during the night. That happened a few times already. Once I was thinking about a problem at my programming homework all afternoon and couldn’t find the solution and when I was falling asleep in my bed at night, I suddenly saw the answer in front of me. I hope for that too today. I guess I just block myself because I put myself under too much pressure. I just don’t know how to release the pressure when the due date is knocking at the door.

Other than that I went to a class early in the morning where I lost some of my worries about the presentation I soon have to do in english (I hate presentations in general, doin it – for the first time – in english doesn’t make it better). That was because we heard the first presentation today and even if I try I will not be able to be worse than this woman.

Yes, I know, that sounds mean, but it really is the truth. She had such a bad pronunciation that you hardly could understand anything. Also she had a few funny mistakes in it. Yes, I’m aware of the fact, that everyone can make mistakes, especially when he or she is nervous. I’m sure I will talk a lot of nonsense when it is my turn. But she said stuff like “in the best fall” (she meant “in the best case” but used the german word “Fall”) and, when she couldn’t remember the word “counting” (or never knew, I don’t know) she said the german word “zählen” but not just the german word she said “zähling”, as if it would make the word english just when she adds the “-ing”. Yes, nevermind, I better stop now. I was just wondering.

Something very clever I did myself today happened in the evening. It’s a bit embarrassing. In the evening I normally have class. Today I didn’t really want to go out as it was raining and really cold but then motivated myself to go there, just to remember right before I was in front of the classroom door that the teacher mentioned something about that there is no class today. So I went there completely for nothing. That made me really happy (/sarcasm off).

The only little good thing I can remember about today is, that I, while I was on my way to the not-happening-class and back, read some pages of one of the books I have to read for Uni (and for my reading challenges). It was the book The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde.

I didn’t do any sport today as it was Sports Active Breakday and, as I already said, ugly weather. Tho I thought about doing some but I wanted to finish (start?) the homework (in what I didn’t succeed, as seen above). But I’ll do my belly exercises later right before going to bed. I found out that it’s nice to do them right before going to sleep as this reduces the time it takes me to warm myself up enough to be able to sleep (I have unfortunately this women-and-cold-feet-in-bed-problem).

Ok, enough ranting for today. See you at Day 10.

Picture by Brenda Annerl


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