Challenge 2.0, Day 8 – The Food Revolution Flash Mob

Day 8 of Challenge 2.0 today. It didn’t really happen much except that I realised around noon that a homework was due TODAY and panicked. I started it but couldn’t really motivate me to finish it. Now I’m still not done and have one hour left. I guess I won’t make it on time. Also I’m really tired already.

One reason why I am tire is, that I did a second Sports Active Workout today to finish two of my goals that were due today. So after the normal workout I did another step aerobic workout. That was fun but, as i said already, tiring.

I think I wrote about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution already yesterday a little, but I was in a hurry to go to a party, so I didn’t write much about it. (The party was by the way not really worth it, except that we watched Planet Terror what was nice. Wanted to see that movie for a while already.) So yesterday was the 3rd Episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and it seems that Jamie finally is making progress towards his ambitious goal. From the very beginning there was a radio dj of the local radio station who was totally against Jamie and his project. He wanted him gone. Last episode he had a bet running with Jamie that Jamie isn’t going to make it to teach 1000 people one healthy dish in one week. Jamie introduced him to some of his friends and people who have issues with obesity and at the end of the week the radio dj was Jamies 1000st person who learned a dish of him. I guess that’s called a success!

One thing Jamie also did was a Food Flash Mob. I really liked it and I couln’t get the song out of my head the whole day. Here you can watch the Flash Mob:

What do you think about that?

Today’s Summary:

  1. Drink 1.5 Liters of Water: done (~2 Liters already)
  2. Do Sports Active: done (2 Workouts!)
  3. Belly Exercises: done (incl. in the first Sports Active Workout)

That’s it for today. Going to sleep now. Uni starts again tomorrow. See you then at Day 9.

Picture by Sir. Mo


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