Challenge 2.0, Day 7 – The Official Act

Today is day 7 of Challenge 2.0, that means that the first week is already over. Wow, that was quick. Today didn’t happen much except that I wasted my time with more or less useless tv shows (except Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, this was great and it warmed my heart) and that I got a headache. Maybe that’s connected with each other – or maybe it’s just the weather.

Other than that I did one important thing today. I made Challenge 2.0 official. I mean, in some way it is already official as I announced it here on the blog but today I went one step further and signed up for the women’s run. That means that I participate now officially and I wasted 25 € if I don’t go – what would be stupid – so I have one more motivation to do so.

Ok, I am heading to a party now, so I’m done for today. See you at day 8.

Picture by MobMouse


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