Challenge 2.0, Day 6 – The Friends

Day 6 of Challenge 2.0 is over and I was on the run pretty much all day. It started at 9 in the morning when I went to a friend right after I got up to help him with some stuff.

The moment I was back home another friend of mine (the one I went running with yesterday) texted me to ask if I want to go for lunch with her. Indeed I wanted! So we met and went to the big yellow M fast food chain. It was really nice and fun.

On my way to lunch I realised, that I had to return a book to the library today what I nearly forgot. When I was back home from lunch another friend of mine contacted me to meet at the library as he had to return books too, so we set a time to meet.

About an hour later we met at the library and returned the books and looked up some new. I didn’t get me new ones as I still have more than enought to read at the moment.But during that time I was asked by my friend, if I want to go running with him on weekend. This running thing is starting to get rolling!

Then I went back home and did today’s Sports Active Workout. It was a good coincidence that there were a few belly exercises included in this today, so I didn’t have to do them seperately as I felt pretty tired already. Also I decided for the stairs instead of the elevator three times today (to go upwards, to go down I hardly ever use the elevator) what was a good feeling too.

Today’s Summary:

  1. Drink 1.5 Liters of Water: done (2 Liters again)
  2. Belly exercises: done
  3. Sports Active: done

All in all I’m really tired now and that’s why I stop here today. See you tomorrow when the first week is completed with Day 7.

Picture by pocketwiley


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