Challenge 2.0, Day 5 – The Second Run

Day 5 of Challenge 2.0 was exhausting but not as much as I thought it would be and I’m very proud of myself. In the afternoon I met with a really good friend of mine for some jogging in a park near my home. It was so much fun. We did some gossiping and had a lot of fun and ran 3,10 km without even really noticing. We were really surprised in the end how quickly we did it and how far we went. We already were proud of ourselves that we went at all beforehand, so this was making it even better.

When I was back home I went even further and did today’s Sports Active Workout and my belly exercises. And I can still move. I might not be able to tomorrow anymore, but so far I’m fine. Just my knees hurt a bit, but not as bad as they did when I was running last week. Me and my friend plan to run at least once a week now to be fit for the Women’s run. I wanted to do a picture of evidence but then forgot about it. Especially because the park we were running at was sooo pretty with all the flowers and cherry trees and stuff. But now it’s too late, next time.

Before I started writing this post I watched one more movie of my oscar winning movies list. First I thought, that I go through the list from bottom to top but then I arrived at The Departed and I THINK I saw it already but not sure if I saw everything so I didn’t check it off the list but I also didn’t want to watch it today. So I watched the next one on the list – Crash. If it weren’t on the list I think I wouldn’t have watched it, because it seemed to me like one of these movies I’m normally bored of. But I’m glad I “had to” watch it because I was nice. It had a lot of twists and turns and surprises and was really entertaining. I definitely recommend this movie to watch. Also there were a lot of good actors in it too like Sandra Bullock, Brandon Frasier and Ryan Phillipe (is it unprofessional when I say that he is cute? 🙂 ).

Todays summary:

  1. Drink 1.5 Liters of Water: done (even more than 2 Liters)
  2. Do Sports Active: done
  3. Do belly exercises: done
  4. Running once a week: done
  5. Oscar winning movies list: cross off Crash

So, that’s all for today (was a lot anyway). See you tomorrow with Day 6.

Picture by lumiere


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