Challenge 2.0, Day 4 – The White Jacket

Day 4 of Challenge 2.0 already. Time flies by when you have to do a lot and today I did a lot. In the morning a friend of mine came to visit. He needed help for his cosplay costume. So we first went to a shop that sells art supplies to buy a few things he needed to finish the costume. Then we had lunch at an italian restaurant that is one of my favourites. Everything is sooo delicious there. (For everyone in my area: Vapiano is highly recommended!)

After that we went back home, I had a short geek-break aka I played a short round of CS with some friends and then we packed all the stuff we needed and headed to the studio. First because I had to work there today and second because we had space and a sewing machine and stuff to work on the costume what was a white suit jacket (as seen in the work in progress picture). We didn’t finish it and finished a lot less than we hoped but at least the most difficult parts are done now, hopefully my friend will succeed in doing the rest. He has busy days ahead of him as the convention where he want’s to wear it is this weekend already!

In the evening I went home and read a few other blogs of people doing Life Lists and found some interesting stuff and motivation. Also I remembered some more items for my own Life List so I updated it a bit today. After that I was hungry but it also was late already so I was looking for something to eat but didn’t really want to cook anymore. I was tempted to just eat some cookies (as I am allowed again) but then decided for a soup with pasta and vegetables. I’m proud that I took the better option even tho the cookies would have been the faster and easier one.

As I mentioned yesterday, it is a Sports Active Breakday today so I didn’t do any but I’ll do my belly exercises right after I finished this post. At the moment I have 3 active things (actually 4 but one is the result of one of the others) on my Life List . They were for today:

  1. Drink 1.5 Liters of Water: done
  2. Do belly exercises: right after this post
  3. Blogpost: obviously done

That means, my day is completed and I can head to bed now (a little too late again *sigh*). See you at Day 5.


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