Challenge 2.0, Day 3 – The Movie Day

Day 3 of the Challenge started early, as a friend said he would come and visit me but then couldn’t come. Wasn’t a big problem, this way I finally managed it, to get up earlier again. I screwed my sleeping schedule the last few days anyway and was already annoyed of myself about it.

So I had time to complete a job today and besides I “worked” on one of the things on my Life List. I watched 3 of the movies that won the Oscar for best picture (that’s no. 23. atm, you can find the list of the movies here). First I watched The Hurt Locker, that was ok for a war movie (I’m normally not really into such movies). Then I watched Slumdog millionaire. I wanted to watch that movie for a while now and wasn’t disappointed about it at all after I’ve seen it. It was nice to watch. The third one I watched, was No country for old men. This one was ok, but no movie I would watch more often. So 3 movies crossed of my list, woho.

A few days ago I spoke to a friend of mine about the running stuff and she was excited and wanted to join me at running. So, today in the evening, she called me, and asked when we go. We planned it for thursday as I am busy with the friend tomorrow and with working in the studio (the second to last time btw, if you are interested to visit me there). So I’m excited about running with my sweety on thursday (and going shopping and going out in addition).

After the call I did todays Sports Active Workout and additional belly exercises even tho there was one belly exercise already included in the workout but I wanted to do more. (Maybe one reason for that was, that a friend of mine told me today, that I am not going to make it through 30 days of doing it every day :D).

So, tomorrow is Sports Active Breakday what is good, because I will be busy all day anyway. Check back for tomorrows update!

Picture by philandthehounds


2 responses to “Challenge 2.0, Day 3 – The Movie Day

  1. Way to complete your task, but come on… there are much better best pictures out there. At least in the case of No Country. Did you look at any from outside this decade? I only bring this up because I hate to see people turn there life lists into work and not be able to enjoy them. Isn’t that really what it’s all about? So enjoy!!

    • one point on my life list is “see all movies that won best picture” so… i just started with the newest ones because they are easiest to find. And I study theatre, film and media science so it’s kind of my “job” to watch movies anyway :D. But thank you for your feedback!

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