Challenge 2.0, Day 2 – The Over-motivation

Day 2 of my brand new Challenge. If I counted right then this Challenge has 56 Days to go in total. That means 10 Days more than the old one. But now I’m already “advanced” in Challenges, so this should be a good next step.

Today I just did the daily Sports Active Workout what is not enough to be able to run the 5 km in the end but it is at least something. I decided to go visit a park near me this week. It should have a route with exactly 1 km length, that would be perfect. I would “just” have to run 5 rounds then and I’m ready for the women’s run. Sounds easy, huh? :).

Other than that I expanded the Life List today and I think I am a bit over-motivated in some points. I added a few reading Challenges. I really like reading since I was a little kid but I haven’t had a lot of time to read lately so I’m not sure if I’ll make it on time as some of the reading Challenges have a due date. But we will see. I have to read a few books for uni anyway, so that might fit in there. You can check if I make any progress towards my goals at any time. The Life list will grow bigger over time too every time I know something new to add.

That’s it already for today. See you tomorrow with Day 3.

Picture by stevecoutts


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