Challenge 2.0, Day 1 – The New Challenge

So I started today with eating a crunchy chocolate muesli :D. Earlier I finally tried the Mini-Mozartkugeln I intended to try a month ago already. Just ate a few of them and very slowly. They are delicious. But I ate Salad too today, I want to keep up with that even tho the Challenge is over. Ok, this might have been the last time I am talking about chocolate (no promises about that, but I’ll try to not mention it too often).

Talking about the Challenge brings up my next thing I wanted to tell you. I gave you hints already the last few days that I am going to do a new Challenge now that the old one is over. It was fun doin it and it surprised me a lot of what I am able to. So today is Day one of Challenge 2.0 (the geek in me decided for that title). You might want to know now what this new Challenge is all about. No, it’s not about chocolate again. This time it’s about Sport. Not only Sport in general, I have an actual goal I want to reach.

On May 30th there is this running event. It’s called “dm Frauenlauf” (dm Women’s Run). There are two distances to choose from – 5 and 10 km. I’m not brave enough for the 10 km for my first run I want to do, so I decided for the 5 km. This will be hard enough for me anyway. So I’ll try to do Sport at least 5 times a week from now on. Either running or Sports Active or something else that comes my way. I am open for suggestions if you have any for me. I’d also love it, if you want to join anything of that. I know already of two of my friends who want to participate in the run too, so you are welcome to join. For the run there are of course only girls allowed but for the training everyone can join me. The more the better – more people, more fun. Today I already did some Sports Active to start well with the Challenge, I hope it’s not going to be too screwed up when Uni starts again. We will see.

There is one more thing I want to start today. Some kind of a Life List. I’m not totally sure if it’s going to be a 101 in 1001 (101 things in 1001 days) or a general Life List or a mix of both. Probably the last option. I’ll decide that right after I finished this post. Then I’m going to work on the List and put it online. One thing that is sure already, is that the participation in the run will be one thing on the list to be crossed off. Feel free to join me with that too (or help me reach one of the things on my list).

Do you have any suggestions for me? Support? Do you want to join? Drop me a line in the comments!

Happy Easter to all of you and see you tomorrow with Day 2! (wow, that feels a bit like a time warp to suddenly be back at Day 1)

Picture by magnetbox


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