Challenge Day 46 – The last Day!

Day 46 of my Challenge. That means that I made it! Woho, I’m so proud of myself and surprised about myself at the same time (I might have said that about once or twice already).

Other than that today didn’t happen much. I pretty much procrastinated most of the day and watched more or less stupid tv shows. I really should start doing stuff tomorrow.

So as soon as I finished writing this post I’m technically allowed to eat chocolate again but I think I’m going to wait until when I wake up again. Today, when I went grocery shopping I stood in front of the chocolate shelves for about 10 minutes trying to figure out what chocolate I want to have for my “first chocolate” that should be special. I decided for the Mini-Mozartkugeln I wanted to try about a month already now. In general I want to try to enjoy it more in the future and not just stuff it into me. Do you know what I mean?

So tomorrow I’ll announce my new Challenge. I’m not totally sure about all of the detail but you’ll see. See you tomorrow with the new Challenge!

Picture by darwinbell


4 responses to “Challenge Day 46 – The last Day!

  1. Congrats! Should be interesting to see your new challenge…
    My preference is for the darkest chocolate that I can get. Somehow I crave that, deliciously. Doesn’t have to be sweet, doesn’t have to be much of it, but DARKER is better for me.

    • Thank you! I like a little darker chocolate more than milk chocolate but I don’t like the real dark chocolate (the 80% stuff) at all. That could make me overcome eating chocolate!

  2. Oh yea, forgot to ask – how does your body feel after no chocolate?

    • I didn’t only cut out the chocolate, I also tryed to eat healthier in general (cook more from scratch than I used to do) and it feels great! I thought it would be much harder to not have chocolate – but I’m still happy to be able to eat it again :).

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