Challenge Day 45 – The second to last Day

Day 45 of my Challenge. I might repeat myself but Woho only sleeping twice and it’s done! I’m surprised by myself, really. Yeah, I know, there are more important things in life than not eating chocolate. A lot of people don’t have anything to eat at all. I know that – in fact, I’m about to do something about that too! A few weeks ago – I think it was at the beginning of the Challenge – I told you that I want to help people, I’m just not totally sure, how. And a while ago I told you about the project “Tafel” of Team Österreich where volunteers give food, that is donated by supermarkets (because they can’t sell it anymore – but it is still ok), to people in need. Today I confirmed the date for the information event everyone has to do who wants to volunteer. That means, that I am going to volunteer soon! Thrilling!

Last night I also had another idea, or better, I saw it on someone elses blog. It’s called 101 in 1001. Everyone can make a list of 101 things he or she wants to complete within the next 1001 days (about 2,75 years), post it and update the progress. I’m not good at achieving stuff on such lists, but I want to try. I started writing the list already, but haven’t found a lot of things yet, so I wait a bit longer and post it when there are more things on the list. Maybe anyone of you wants to join?

Regarding my Challenge everything is as usual. No chocolate and not a lot but a little bit of salad. Just the boring stuff I torture you every day. But that’s over in two days! See you tomorrow with the last day 46.

Picture by koalazymonkey


2 responses to “Challenge Day 45 – The second to last Day

  1. Check out this person’s list: She’s someone I was lucky enough to get to know personally. Aigaki used to be my inspiration before I knew Barbara Sher. The cool thing about this list is how much of it she’s already DONE!

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