Challenge Day 44 – The holy Thursday

Day 44 of my Challenge. Only sleeping twice anymore. Then I can have chocolate again. I’m looking forward to that. Today when I was grocery shopping I had the heart to glance at the chocolate shelves for a millisecond and thought about that I go there next week and take my time to select a really nice one out of all of them. I know already that this chocolate will taste incredible and I will eat it really really slooooowly.

Other than that I ate healthy today and I did not eat chocolate (except in my mind 🙂 ). I had a lot of salad, a banana, a joghurt and spinach in the evening (I’m not very religious, so it’s more like a coincidence that I had it today on holy Thursday – for the ones who don’t know it, on holy Thursday you are supposed to eat spinach here). Today is one of the days where I basically could eat all day (more than usual). I guess that’s a girl thing or so (hopefully, I don’t want to be the only one).

Also I did Sports Active today and I had an idea for a new Challenge when this one is over on Sunday but I’m not going to tell you right now what it is. I’ll announce it on Sunday when this Challenge is officially completed. Wow, that sounds nice!

See you tomorrow with the second to last day of the Challenge.

Picture by jetalone


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