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Challenge 2.0 Day 21 – The Casting

CastingAt Day 21 of Challenge 2.0 the big Casting for “Austrias next top flatmate” started. About 8 people looked at the flat and the room, 3 didn’t show up, 3 were here already the last few days and one braught Amaretto sours. We didn’t really know how to decide, we even thought about doing like in the lottery.

But then a friend of mine told me, that he will be playing with a band in the evening at a cafe and I wanted to listen to it. So I asked my flatmate if she wants to join and we went there. At the cafe we finally decided who we want to have as our new flatmate. Hopefully he wants still to be ours too.

The band with my friend was really nice, also the other two bands after them rocked the house. I took a few pictures and stuff but as it is REALLY late now and I’m close to falling into a coma I’ll skip it until tomorrow to tell you the details. So better come back tomorrow at Day 22.

Picture by Phil Sexton


Challenge 2.0, Day 20 – The Synopses

make it work cookieDay 20 of Challenge 2.0 already. I am moving forward. Last night I was scared of today because I thought I will be terribly tired. But I felt surprisingly good today. I was a bit tired but after a short nap around noon I felt good again until now.

In the morning we had the screenplay writing class again and discussed some of the synopses we had to write. Was pretty interesting. We will discuss mine next week. I’m a bit afraid of that, I hope they don’t hate it. My film idea is pretty geeky. I’ll tell you somewhere in the future what it’s all about.

Other than that I watched the finale of season 7 of project runway today. It’s always exciting to see with what collections the finalists come up with at new york fashion week. And it is also interesting what the judges love about them. I’m just glad they chose my favourite designer (Seth Aaron) as the winner. He always did the best, coolest, most creative, most awesome pieces. He has totally the style I like.

Ok, tomorrow we have our big “Casting” for “Austrias next top flatmate” 😀 so I better stop now and head to bed. I hope to see you tomorrow with Day 21 and maybe already with a decision for a new flatmate – exciting!

Picture by buba69

Challenge 2.0, Day 19 – The Movies and the Pub

Day 19 of Challenge 2.0 started later than I planned (again) and wasn’t as productive as I hoped but at least it was relaxed. I did my Sports Active Workout and in the afternoon there looked a guy at our free room and then I went to Uni. There we had 3 presentations today and they all were pretty boring. Not just because the people didn’t do well. Two of the groups did well I think, but the topics aren’t that spectacular to create excitement. The third one was held by only one girl that was searching for pdf documents and opening them constantly during the presentation. It was painfull to watch.

In the evening I went to the cinema and watched Shutter Island. It was pretty nice and you were constantly thinking about what was going on (in a good way). Just a few parts of it were a little bit too long-winded. After that we went to a Pub what was fun too.

And as I already said, that I wasn’t productive during the day I had to write my homework for tomorrow after all that. Yes, I know. It’s my own fault. But nevertheless, I did it – and now I am really tired. So see you tomorrow at Day 20 (wow, time flies by!).

Challenge 2.0, Day 18 – The Running rehearsal

Day 18 of Challenge 2.0 consisted mostly of waiting. It was planned that two girls are coming to see the room we have for rent around 2 pm but neither of them came on time so we spent most of the afternoon waiting. But both came and both were nice girls. We also posted an announcement that will be online tomorrow. Let’s see how much response we get with that.

After the second girl left I went to meet with my good friend to go running again. And Again we had a blast AND we ran 4 km! We are improving. I’m so proud of us! After running I was tired but not totally exhausted. Just my knees hurt a bit again but I guess that’s normal. When I was home I was starving and had to cook immediately.

My other flatmate is a girl from bavaria, so her “duty” was it to watch the football (or some of you would call it soccer) game Bayern München vs. Olympic Lyon. The funny thing was, that when we switched on the TV they had already played 66 minutes without a goal. Two minutes later Bayern München shot a goal :D. As if they were waiting for us to watch.

That’s all for today. I hope to see you again tomorrow on Day 19.

Picture by stevendepolo

Challenge 2.0, Day 17 – The Peter Pan Presentation

Day 17 of Challenge 2.0 was halfway filled with Pan(ic). I got up in the morning and revised the stuff for my presentation. First I felt ok but the closer it came the more I turned into a nervous wreck. When we sat in the classroom waiting for the teacher to come in I was close to hyperventilating. But when he arrived and started talking, this suddenly disappeared. I have no idea why. This worried me even more because it felt like my brain shut down. I feared that I wasn’t remembering anything of what I wanted to say.

But then it was our turn and my two mates spoke their parts first and then it was my turn. Personally I thought that I just said nonsense but everyone else was telling me afterwards that it was  fine. It was a big relief when it was over. But now I am kind of looking forward to the paper we have to write in the end about it as the topic cought me and I want to find out more about it.

In the afternoon I didn’t do a lot except watching videos on Youtube and stuff. I also found a Song there that was (and still is) stuck in my head. Also I like the video and the singer is so cute. I love her. Besides she is a geek too <3. She likes Comics and plays World of Warcraft (Yes, I know. A few of you will hate me or her now, but I don’t mind). Here is the video so that you can see what I am talking about:

Other than that I decided for a topic for Algorithms and Data Structures today. I’ll have a test about that next week. After I chose it, I looked at the lecture material and the incredible happened. I understood my topic! Woho! I’m really proud of myself. In case you are interested, the topic I chose is “extendible hashing with selection sort”.

Additionally I was glad that I registered for the Women’s run already some time ago because today I got an email that it’s sold out! 21.100 Women registered for it! That’s a new record and it happened much quicker than anybody expected. I’m excited!

Tomorrow two girls will come to see the room we soon have available for rent. I’m curious about them. If you are looking for a room in a shared flat or know someone who does you can contact me anytime. I’ll tell you tomorrow how it went. So check back on Day 18!

Picture by Ethan Hein

Challenge 2.0, Day 16 – The Peter Pan Syndrom

Day 16 of Challenge 2.0. I did again no Sports Active. I tried all day to motivate myself to do some work for my presentation tomorrow and managed to do it half an hour ago. At least I realised that my part of the presentation is interesting. I have to compare the movie The Lost Boys (a vampire movie of 1987) with Peter Pan and the God Pan. Interestingly there are surprisingly many of connections between these. I wouldn’t have thought that beforehand. Hopefully I can talk long enough about all that tomorrow and in a way that all the people outside my head understand it too.

During research for that I also found the Peter Pan Syndrom. It is for men who don’t want to grow up. It seems that this is actual an illness. I think at least one of my ex’s is a possible candidate for this one.

Today morning I had my english class again. Again with a presentation but this one was much better than the one last week. Also the woman from last weeks presentation wasn’t around at all and it suddenly was much more quiet during class. That was nice.

In the evening I was supposed to have another class but the teacher was stuck in London caused by the volcano ash cloud so there was no class today. More time for me to work on my presentation….NOT.

I better go to bed now and sleep a night over my presentation and polish it tomorrow morning. See you at Day 17 (hopefully).

Picture by tipoyock

Challenge 2.0, Day 15 – The Lazy Sunday

Day 15 of Challenge 2.0 was pretty uneventfull (again, I guess that is because my life is pretty uneventfull). I went to bed really late and slept long and had a headache most of the day (no, it wasn’t because of the pub visit yesterday) so I wasn’t very motivated to do a lot.

What I did was watching the movie Julie & Julia. It was nice and it was fun to see parallels between the movie and my life. Ok, they were very small, but it was still funny. The Movie was about a woman named Julie that had the idea to start a blog and write about cooking all recipies within one year of a cook book she has from Julia Child.

At the same time you see the story of Julia Child back when she was working on the cook book. Both stories are true stories. Julie made a book out of her blog and this was the basis for the movie. I guess I need an idea like that if I want to achieve that too :).

Also I watched Episode 5 of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution today. He is making progress towards his goal, it’s good to see that. If you want to sign his petition you can find a link on my blog here on the right.

Other than that I stayed up too long again so I better stop writing now. If you want to, you can post a comment about what you want to read in this blog, what you like and what you don’t like. It would help me, improve my blog.

I hope to see you here again on Day 16.

Picture by Robert Couse-Baker