Challenge Day 42 – The Victory against Fear

Day 42 of my Challenge started at 9. That’s pretty early when you go to bed at 2 or so. But I managed to get up, have breakfast, jump into sports clothes and hop on the underground to go to a friend of mine with whom I faced my fear of running today. We went to a park near her home and ran two rounds in it – 2.5 km. And walked there and back for about 1.5 km each way. I know it’s not a record or so but I’m still proud that I moved my behind and did it :). The only problem about it is, that my knees hurt now a bit and so I decided not to do Sports Active today even tho I was looking forward to it.

I made it to 3 and a half meals today, so a bit better again. Also a lot of salad and a Banana. Again no chocolate even tho I watched TV earlier the first time for a while again and saw a chocolate commercial followed by a chocolate ice cream commercial. Only 5 days left! At the grocery store I was already in the sweets corridor and thought about buying some sweets (without chocolate) but I thought that I managed it without any of these for so long now that I can wait with that until Sunday too (or Monday as I’m not buying anything before Sunday).

The rest of the day I didn’t do very much even tho I should have done something. Tomorrow is another day to try that. I already started to plan tomorrow. See you then!

Picture by mikebaird


2 responses to “Challenge Day 42 – The Victory against Fear

  1. 5 days left! good job

    i went jogging last week, and nearly died. guess i need to do more sports ^_^

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