Challenge Day 41 – The Shoppingtrip

Day 41 of my Challenge is already over. Five more days to go! I’m so proud of myself. Today I couldn’t resiste the Temptation anymore and went to the store and bought two things. I feel a bit guilty about it but I think it was for a good cause.

The first thing I bought, was a water filter. I’m not entirely sure, if this is really cheaper than buying bottled water, but it causes less waste and I don’t have to carry all the bottles every time I go grocery shopping.

The second thing I bought, was Sports Active – more Workouts and already tried the first workout and really liked it. Especially the obstacle course was causing heavy breathing but it made the exercises fun that were boring before.

I ate not very well today. I did eat a big bowl of salad and vegetables but I just had two meals today what is bad. But no chocolate again!

Tomorrow I will finally face something I want to do and I’m scared of at the same time – Running. I’ll meet with a friend and run a few rounds in a park near her. Let’s see how it works out – literally.

I’ll tell you tomorrow how it went at day 42.

Picture by Scienceheath


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