Challenge Day 40 – The last Week

Tomatoes!!Day 40 of my Challenge was uneventful. I slept long, had breakfast and planned to do some stuff for uni. I indeed did a little bit, but not a lot – as I planned in the beginning.

At least I could finally watch Episode 2 of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution today. The anger and sadness continued but at least there was some hope in the end. This time he went to a class full of 6-year-olds and showed them vegetables – and they didn’t know any of these! Not even tomatoes or potatoes. They were surprised, when Jamie told them, that Ketchup was made out of tomatoes and french fries out of potatoes. But their teachers did teach it to them on their own and in the end they knew every kind of vegetable he showed to them.

Also, the cooks at the school were shocked, when Jamie asked them to give forks and knives to the kids so that they can eat their lunch. HUH? They never used fork and knives before at the school! Naturally they didn’t know how to use them. At least, Jamie was finally successfull and the kids ate a lot more of the food he cooked than the first few days. This helped with the decision, to let him try for a few more weeks! Nice! I’m looking forward to next week’s episode.

I ate a big bowl of delicious salad with my meal today and again no chocolate. Today in one week the challenge is finally completed! Woho, I’m so proud of myself. I also did Sports Active again today plus the belly exercises which I added one more exercises to today. Also I had a (for me) crazy idea. I was thinking about going jogging but then was too scared of it to really do it. I’ll try again tomorrow. Then it is Sports Active Break Day anyway.

That’s it for today already. See you tomorrow at Day 41.

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