Challenge Day 39 – The Task Management

Challenge Day 39 was pretty boring. Just had to work at the studio for a few hours. I brought sandwiches so I didn’t have to starve.

I planned to talk about the second Episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution today but unfortunately there isn’t any link for me yet to watch. Just these I can’t watch because I’m not within the USA. So hopefully tomorrow.

The other thing I did today was, that I downloaded a free Task management software for my Plan of what I have to do for Uni. It looks pretty neat so far. I can make subtasks (that was important for me) and I can set a time I think the task will take and of course a due date. Let’s see if it works out as I hope.

I didn’t do Sports Active today as I did todays workout already yesterday. I had salad in my sandwiches and a banana in the morning and in the evening and no chocolate.

Tomorrow is the first day in 3 weeks or so that I don’t have either work or uni or both. Wohoo! This is the first real day of Holidays then! Exciting. A lot of time to catch up with the uni stuff *sigh*.

See you tomorrow at day 40.

Picture by J Dueck


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