Challenge Day 38 – The Shopping Trip

Day 38 of my Challenge started pretty early with friday’s screenplay writing class at 8:30. It ended around noon and the moment I stepped out the door a good friend of mine called me and asked if I wanna go shopping with her. So we went to the main shopping street here, ate at McDonalds (again) where I had the same I had yesterday and went shopping afterwards. I just got me a black basic t-shirt I need for my cosplay costume (I’ll have to modify it) and looked at the Sports Active more Workouts Game but resisted to buy it (yet).

After that I went to my second class today that wasn’t THAT thrilling, then I went home and grabbed the library books that were due today and headed to the library. When I was there I got some new books I need this semester – these are a lot of paper to read but at least most of them are novels, so it is hopefully fun to read. When I was home (after I went for a quick grocery shopping) I was exhausted. It took me a while to motivate myself to cook dinner but finally managed to do it (including vegetables and salad and again no chocolate). After that I did my daily Sports Active + belly workout. But somehow the calender screwed it again so I did the workout for tomorrow already today (don’t ask me, how this is possible).

But this isn’t that bad as I have to work tomorrow anyway (and probably go to Uni before – but will decide that later) so I might not have a lot of time to do it anyway. Depending on what turns out tomorrow about the Class I might have I either have easter holidays from tomorrow or from Sunday evening. Let’s see. But I am excited. Two weeks of free time…….. filled with a huge workload I should/have to/want to/need to do.

That’s all for today already. It’s late (again) so see you tomorrow with Day 39!

Picture by Jeffreyw


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